Magical Express question


in the past when i have gone to disney, i’ve gone with my family and the last two times there were a lot of us, so we’ve always rented a car. however, for my upcoming trip im just going with my bf, so we’re not going to rent a car- hence i wanted to try this magical express that i’ve heard about…
…basically my question is…if anyone knows lol…do i have to book my flight through the disney website in order to take advantage of it?:confused:

if anyone has any idea that would be great =)


Nope! Just call and give them your flight info and they will send you a packet. It is easy all you have to do is put tags on your bags and have your packet with you when you get off the plane.


Nope. You just have to be staying at a Disney resort. We booked our trip through a TA and have our ME yellow tags & package. Inside the packet it tells you exactly what to do. Our TA did it for us but we decided to rent a car so we won’t need this free service after all.


Like everyone said you can use it free of charge for staying onsite. Just add it to the WDW ressie.


I love Magical Express, makes everything SO easy! Try it!