Magical Express Question?


In my many trips to WDW I have never used ME but will be this time. We are staying 1 night at POFQ then going on the Disney cruise for 4 nights and then returning to the BW for 3 nights!! I received my luggage tags for the POFQ now do I just do the onsite airline check in for our return flight at the resort and I assume I do not need anything else then from ME?


Yes that is how it works. It is a wonderful feature we LOVE IT!!


The onsite Resort Airline Check-in is NOT the same as Disney’s Magical Express.

You can use RAC … anyone at the resort can use RAC (as long as you’re flying on a participating airline).

But if you want the Disney’s Magical Express bus ride back to the airport, you MUST have a DME reservation for that ride. You MUST. You will be assigned a specific bus time. You will not be allowed to board a bus without having this reservation.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can make that reservation as late as 48 hours before your return to the airport, and you can do it right at the resort front desk. You CAN’T do it at the RAC desk, since that desk has nothing to do with the DME bus ride (in fact, the staff at the RAC desk aren’t even Disney cast members). Just go to the BW front desk about 2 days before you leave, and made that DME reservation.



You can also do this over the phone. We made flight reservations after we booked our Disney trip and therefore had to give them our flight info later. We gave them the numbers for out flight in and out of MCO. A day or two before we were set to leave they put an envelope on our door saying that they did not have our flight info. We called them the morning of or morning before we left and got things worked out. They are really pretty easy to work with. Just make sure that you deal with the people on the phone and not the bus drivers. The one that we had seemed to speak a very, very limited amount of broken english.


We’ve done ME both times, once with 4 of us, last time we had 8, and we’ll do it again in April. It is so EASY! We check our bags at the curb at the airport, and they are delivered to our room a few hours after our flight arrives in Orlando. Anything we need right away we take as a carry on. Our room has never been ready when we arrive, so we check our bags at the hotel and head to the park! When we get back to the resort we stop at the desk, ask for our room number, and our bags are in the room when we arrive. It is so convienent. I can’t imagine anything easier.


One thing that we did was get our own bags. They will get them for you up until 10 pm and we arrived shortly before that. We decided that we would just get our own bags so we could have all of our stuff when we arrived instead of waiting for our bags to arrive at a later time.


I see from your signature that you stayed at All Star Sports, how was that? I have stayed at Pop Cent., All Star Music and loved it, but was disappointed with All Star Movies.


We really enjoyed both stays at All Star Sports. There really is nothing to complain about, we appreciated every aspect of our stay. I put it right up at the top with Pop Century. I would give Pop the edge but only because of it’s location in regards to the parks. Do you want to know anything specific or just in general?