Magical Express Resort question


I have the same item posted in the Transportation section, but I see more responses over here, so…

I am leaving with my family for WDW on Sunday, and have the ME baggage tags. Crazy question… If they deliver the baggage to your resort room, straight from the plane, and I do not have to pick it up at the baggage carousel… How do I know my baggage has actually arrived?

I travel a lot, and have had several instances where my bags did not make it onto the plane for one reason or another. Usually, it ends with me standing around the carousel until I realize my bags are not coming, then I have to fill out a lost baggage form at the airport. My baggage has always shown up on a later flight, but I would hate to be waiting at the resort the next day with still no sign of luggage…


You bags are bought right to your room once they arrive at the hotel from the airport. You don’t have to look for them or check to see if they are there yet. You keep your luggage claim tickets just in case the worse should happen, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Just stick the yellow tags on all your luggage.


You can always skip the yellow tags at the airport, pick up you bags then drag them with you to the ME check in. No different than if you didn’t check bags and just did carry on.

That’s what I’m thinking about doing anyway.


I know that things can always happen, but we were very pleased with ME. My MIL and FIL flew in on a different flight two hours earlier than we did and we all had lots of bags…every one of them arrived safe and sound. To my understanding, if luggage doesn’t arrive, they will help to find it.


We used ME this month, we arrived 11/8 and left 11/16, we went right from the plane to the ME bus to our resort, from there we checked in and wen to Epcot while we waited for our room to be ready, which was at 4:30, we stayed at SSR. When we came back around 4 and our luggage had just arrived, it was right there by the luggage check area. It worked well for us and we did have our reservations about using the free service, I would use it again…if it is free. If they charged i would go with Quicksilver


That’s a good question, I guess you’ll find out much later than actually standing at the carousel that you’re stuff didn’t make the flight with you.
Stuff happens, think good thoughts.


You get off the plane and go straight to the ME bus terminal. They take care of everything from there, no luggage carousel. I haven’t heard many complaints and when we used ME this past August our luggage arrived at AKL and was in our room about 3 hours after checking in.