Magical Express Service or Quicksilver Transportation?


Hi All!
Is it worth spending the money on Quicksilver Transportation or just taking
the Magical Express Service for free?



I prefer Quicksilver because I like to stop at the store on the way in and I know that my luggage is there for me at the same time. The return trip to the airport is better than Magical express because they drop you off right at your terminal and not at a prearrange place and you have to walk a distance to your counter. Spend the extra money and get better service and you will get to your hotel faster.


I think it really depends on whether you want to make a stop before you get to the resort or not. If that’s not important to you, I’d save the cash and take Magical Express! It’s free and I’ve heard PRETTY good things about it. Just make sure to keep a carry on bag with you and have a change of clothes in it for the day…just in case your bags don’t arrive in a timely manner. You can check your carry ons at the front desk of the resort until your room is ready. Then you can enjoy your day at the parks or whatever else you plan to do that day!


It cash was an issue and I was arriving during the day I would use ME. If I was arriving late or didn’t mind paying I would use Quicksilver. I much prefer them.


What is the rate for Quicksilver? (ballpark)


Quicksilver’s about $50 each way ($100 roundtrip) plus optional tip (usually about $10 each way).


It was worth it for us to use Quicksilver because of the grocery store stop. Saved us a bunch on the food budget for the week. That was before ME, though, so now we have to figure in the extra $100 for transportation. When are you going? We’re going at Christmas and, given how busy and chaotic it will be, we’re probaby going to stick with Quicksilver and their efficiency.

By the way, Chuck, it’s great to see another Wisconsinite on this board!


I used ME last trip and won’t be doing it again. I like getting the towncar. I hate waiting and want to get right to the resort. I am always so excited that first day and just can’t wait to get there …like a little kid. The idea of waiting for that bus again…no thanks! I want the little sign with my name on it when I come down those steps and I want to get my luggage and be right at the resort. I like having my luggage right away when I check in the resort too. I don’t want to wait to unpack etc. I just want to get it over with so I feel settled and ready to attack the parks. Also, if you need groceries, the towncar service is ideal. They stop for free.


I would say to take the ME if you don’t want to get food. I have nothing but good things to say about it. This September my flight got delayed so we got in at 1 am-ish and were in our room by 1:45. It was ecxellent! But if you want to pick up food than go with Quicksilver.


I see that some of your complaints about ME is not having your luggage when you get to the resort. You don’t have to put the luggage tags on your luggage and have it sent that way. You can bring it on the bus with you. They just stow it underneath and unload it for you when you arrive at your resort.


We’re going w/ Quick sliver 'cause I’m spoiling my daughter on her bday.


We used ME twice and had no problems. But when we were leaving, the line at the airport was very long. I sort of feel like Dana. The last thing I want to start my trip is wanting to spent MORE time in the airport. So I would consider the time of day and time of year you are going to disney. And if you have little kids that would be another factor to consider. Last trip my DH and I used ME, but my DD used a town car. They wanted to stop to buy all those extra baby things instead of packing them and it was just easier being able to jump into a car instead of waiting with the baby.


The ME is a great complementary service. Courteous, quick and efficient. We decided to fly just because of this service. THANKS WDW!


We were very pleased with DME last summer but we don’t need to stop for anything beofre we arrive at our resort. We were at our resort in just over an hour and our luggage was right behind. We pack carry on bags any time we fly so we don’t need our luggage as soon as we get to our room.

We used QuickSilver to return my DILs to the airport and they were very pleased. My DFIL was really worried but he was so happy with the service.


I would say go Quicksilver, Well myself I have not used them since June I still see them on a regular basis. In fact I have seen there esclade 2 times in the last week. I see there driving on the roads and I’m very impressed with them when I’m riding in the vechicle or out on central FL roads.

I also like the paint job they did on one of there vans I saw the other day.


We have used both, and I like both, if ME wasn’t free and more than QS I would use QS. We used ME last Nov and we basically put that $$ towards a dinner.

Our luggage actually was there once we got back from the park that afternoon, around 4, we had to wait for our room to be cleaned. The luggage was actually sitting on the urb, so it just had been delivered.

We did liek the QS stop, we power shopped and saved money, but last year we just got a few things from the SSR store and basically ate most of the time in the park.


We used the Magical Express last year and it was great! We had absolutely no problems with it! :cool:


That’s a good point many of you brought up with QS stopping for groceries. Do they do this if your flight gets in at 9:30 p.m. or are the grocery stores closed then? Around here many of our stores are open til midnight. My second option was to take ME and have deliver to the hotel. I still think garden grocer is cheaper (I think its $50 min w/$10 delivery). Any thoughts??



After 10:00pm (when Publix closes) we basicaly have two more options : Albertson’s which closes at 1:00am, or Goodings which is a 24hours store (a bit pricier though).

I hope that helps… :smile:

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Gregory Nicolas


We have used QS several times and been amazed at the service. I would vote for QS for $100 anyday!