Magical Express stops


Do the resort stops change? I know when we went last time we stopped at Caribbean Beach and then hit Pop. Just wondering if they change so I have an idea of what resort I’ll be stopping at before I get to WL. Random I know but im curious like that lol


Yes they do change. Our last bus dropped off at Pop then went on to BW then BC. other times we have dropped off at CBR then to BC. Other times BC was the first stop. The couple of times we stayed at WL only the MK resorts were on our bus.


They do change. I don’t think I’ve ever had two rides that have been the same - yet we always seem to be the last - no matter where we stay…:glare:


hahaha…I thought we were the only ones that were ALWAYS last lol. These 64 days are killlling me! I need to be there nowww!! lol :ohmy:


:happy::happy:Disney Fan, when I was there in May, I asked a supervisor if the Art of Animation and the Pop Century would have their own bus and they both will. Yahoo! That saves so much time. Plus, my feet hurt after walking all day and I NEED to sit down.


The do change up as its different each time we’ve used them, but the do have a set order for the day (or that particular ride). One trip with my Mom, she had just recently had knee surgery and she was nervous about the ME steps (they are very tall). It would be easier for her to “back out” down the steps, so I asked the bus driver if they could make our resort last, so she could be the last one off and not embarrased by her method of exit. Bus driver apologized and said they had to stick to the order assigned to them.


I just got back and was told with the Art of Animation mix in there now, the bus stops change according to how many reservations they have. When I went back to the airport the first time, it was CBR, AOA and then Pop. On the way back to the resort it went AOA, POP and then CBR. On the way back to the airport again, it was AKL, AOA and then POP…weird mix. Being the nosey person I am, I asked the driver about it and he explained how it worked…lol


awesome. Thx!


You are welcome!


All about whose coming in on what flight and how many have booked on to use ME at that time, in a way I’d like to be last off - gives me a chance to have a little look at the other resorts! I’ve never had the chance to take ME from the airport, but going back in it was great, we went AKL - POP - airport! 3 families on the coach so we could all spread out and get thoroughly depressed watching the video they play!

I’m convinced they should have a travel agent at the back of the bus because after you see that video the only way to cure the blues it induces it to rapidly book another trip! I’m hoping the video on the way TO Disney is more upbeat lol!