Magical Express Tags


We are currently staying at OKW and waitlisted at Kidani for our trip in Dec. I was wondering how do es it work if your waitlisted resort becomes available after you get your ME luggage. Can you call ME and have them change it and maybe send you new tags if there is time or can you just write on the tags your new resort? Thanks for the help in advance. This is the 1st time in a long time that we will be flying/using ME. We normally drive… :slight_smile:


You should be fine. The resort name on the tag shouldn’t matter, your luggage is sorted using the bar code not the resort name printed on the tag. I would cross out the old resort and write in the new resort, just be sure you don’t write over the bar code. If your wait list does go through you can call and double check but the bar code should have your newest resort information.


If it’s two weeks before going you can go here and order new ones. I have also “blacked out” resort name and put new one on there. You could also not even put them on there. When you check in for DME just give them your luggage claim tickets - works the same.


Thanks for the help. Im still keeping my fingers crossed that we get our waitlist request…