Magical Express to continue into 2011


I just got this from AllEars.

The Orlando Sentinel reports today that the Orlando International airport and Walt Disney World agreed to terms keeping the Disney shuttle running into 2011. With the new agreement, the Magical Express booth will move from Terminal A to Terminal B. Disney’s greets will also be allowed back on the 2nd level of the terminal to assist passengers.

For the full story visit:,0,7101079.story?coll=orl-news-headlines-orange


Thanks for the update stephanie. I am glad to see that they are keeping it. I wonder if they are now going to charge for the service?? I’ll have to read the article. I think I am still going to go the towncar route, but I like that there are alternatives.


It looks like it may continue to be free–

“A deal between Walt Disney World and Orlando International Airport to keep Disney’s free Magical Express shuttle running for five more years left industry competitors Thursday grappling with how to cope with the shuttle’s impact over the long term.”


We have used ME the last two trips and have had no problems with it. This news is good news! I feel bad for the competitors. :mickey:


I do too, this isn’t good news for them. We used DME last summer and it worked out well for us so we plan to use it again in May.


We’re trying it for the first time in June. We prefer the towncar, but as long as ME remains free, it’s pretty hard to pass up.


Yay!!! :happy: Kewl I get to try it now when I go :happy:


I was on the ME bus just 12 short hours ago …:crying:

Our trip both directions were GREAT! The airport was a MAD HOUSE with spring breakers last saturday and today, but ME was running smoothly and got us to WDW and back to the airport in 30 mins each way. Couldn’t ask for better service even if I was paying for it!


Hey, I beat you, I was on it about 9 hours ago. My understanding is that this is just an agreement between the airport authority and Disney/Mears. It is in no way a guarantee that the service will continue for another 5 years, just that the airport has signed an agreement for it to continue for 5 more years. Disney will most likely start charging for the service starting in 2007. I would assume that since the agreement was reached last week, we should see some sort of announcement soon from Disney about the future of DME.


You beat me to the airport, but did you beat the rest of the crowds??? The Southwest Airlines Counter area was BAD!! Their conveyer belts were broken and they were lugging all the suitcases by hand. What a mess.

If ME continues to run like it is, I would definatley pay for it, but not at the rates that Mears charges. For 4 of us, a towncar (Quicksilver) would be the option of choice then.

Although we have flown the last three trips, no more flying for us for awhile. Our next trip we’ll be driving…hopefully a new SUV!!!


Great News about ME. We’ve used it twice and loved it. Things went off without a hitch for us…


Disney has a contract with Mears for the service that won’t expire till 2011 as well. However that doesn’t mean it will continue to be free.


The nice thing was that we were on United, so we checked in for our flight at AKL, got our boarding passes, so when we got to the airport, we walked around for a while and then went through security. The airport was packed, I agree.

It will be interesting to see what happens here. It has to be costing Disney an arm and a leg to run this thing, but it does convince some to stay on site. If they get free transportation their entire trip vs. having to rent a car, and all the other prices are pretty similar, most everyone then chooses to stay on-site. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Disney offer it at a reduced price from what Mears normally charges, so that they subsidize part of the cost, but not all of it.

I think it is a great service if you are on one of the participating airlines. It took us less than 5 minutes to check in, get our boarding passes and check our luggage at the AKL yesterday morning. In that situation, I think it is great, and would pay for it. If I am on Southwest, and I have to take care of my luggage and still check in at the airport, I wouldn’t pay for it at all.


On our last trip we heard that there might be a charge of $10 for each way (comin’ & goin’) using the service. I would not hesitate to pay for the service since our experiences have been very postitive with DME.


I might agree with you there but it depends on the price. Last summer we flew SWA and on our return trip the skycap that met our DME bus took us upstairs and outside to check our bags, it took less than 5 minutes. We had our boarding passes printed at our resort so we were set with in 5 minutes of getting to the airport. If we had to wiat in the huge lines to check our bags I may have to rethink DME if the price it too high.


how much is the Magical Express cost and do you know the website of the Magical Express?:confused:


Magical Express is free right now for Disney resort guests.


I guess it’s a nice perk, but I still feel bad for the towncar services that made their livings with wdw travelers.


I hope it will still be FREE in December. We are still contemplating on renting a car or not…we ALWAYS rent a car, but this time we are staying on-site (we NEVER do) and we are only going for 6 days. So ME might be our best bet…although I did get a RIDICULOUS rental rate of $120 something for a FULL SIZE car for a week. So not sure… :dry:


That’s a hard deal to pass up, Kim. I might have to think about the rental for that price.