Magical Express to resort question


I think I read that when you get your luggage tags that they would have the resort on them so that ME would know where they go.
I received ours this weekend and they don’t have the resort and no place to list it.
Is this something I should call on or is it done at the airport durning checkin

Thanks for any help or info I can get :confused:


Your luggage tags (decorative) are a little different from your ME tags. The ME tags are like sticker tags and they will have the resort information. I THINK they come in 2 different mailings. Someone else can jump in and verify if I am correct.


You are right, there are two different types of tags–the cute Disney luggage tags and the Magical Express tags. The ME tags are on yellow paper and have your name and resort along with the resort area on them.


Do your tags look like this image attached?

Typically, the resort is listed at the top, and your name and flight info is listed. However, I have seen them before without much information listed, and just a bar code.


Nope we have just the luggage tags. I guess we will have to wait for another mailing with the ME tags. We receive the confirmation for the room, DD , park hopper and also the cards for the MVMCP