Magical express


We, for the first time were going to useit but when I contacted them they said I had to do this and that and our luggage would follow about three hours later etc…they would not tell me how long it would take from the airport and how many stops they would make …so I booked a limo as always with tiffany town car and for 90.00 and a stop on the way to the resort and the assurance of ONE stop both going and coming …sounded much better than the mears upgrade …it seemed that the only benefit besides the cash was I didn’t have to wait for my bags


It does seem silly with all the info they have when you schedule ME that they can not provide better info in regards to this service.

Do they direct people to different buses according to destination or is it load’em up where ya going type service?


I figure a small amount of aggravation & time lost on a stop or two is definitely worth the cost savings. I just hope it’s not more than a LITTLE aggravation & time…It seemed as though most people who have used it recently were pretty satisfied.


my first trip to diney world we took mears and we made several stops and still had to tip …we discovered town car service and we have used it ever since …the personalisation is what appeals to me and for the fee it is well worth it ,some others might prefer the free service but from MY understanding that the FREE goes away after the 50th celbration ends


We’ve always used the Towncar up until this trip. We figure to give ME a try and hope it works out.


We used ME in Oct. and were very pleased. They sort you out according to destination. We were in ASMu and had a couple of stops, but it still seemed to go quickly. I think that for moderate and deluxe there are fewer stops, that seems to be the case with all Disney buses! Yes, your luggage follows you and it may be a couple of hours. We packed what we needed in our carry ons and hit the parks, our luggage was in our room when we got back. We were very pleased with everything about it and will probably use ME again, depending on how much the fee is next time!


We’ve used ME on our last two trips and were very pleased. We loaded at the airport almost immediately . In one case we were the first stop, in the other case we were the 3rd (Last ) stop. We were at the resorts in no time. I would use it again in a heartbeat.


So on average, how long did it take from the time you landed to the time you reached your resort?


If you have ever done the cruise land and sea its basicly the same transport idea. The luggage arrives later yes but if you just pack your immediate needs its not a big deal and with several kids its a nice bit of help. The other thing too is the stops- that stinks in general but I try and think of all the stuff I can do with the $ saved. I would never pay for mears again knowing how great quick silver was for us but if its still free in Feb 07 I might consider it,



Hello all!! Ok just for info the DME Routes are as follow

All routes will only have 4 stops MAX on them.(Per Disney)
at night (10:30PM To 4am) routes can have more than 4 stops,and can take longer to load.
Drivers have to whait till Disney sends them out he has no control over how many people he gets o were he is going.
As per Disney the driver should not take people thru the same buildings or road more than one time(no backtracking)

Magick Kingdom route:
Wild Lodge
Grand Floridian

In the MK Route Grand Flo is a mandatory first stop but it most likely be sent to 3rd stop per the driver,most drivers and guest are anoyed because you have to go thru the Wild Ldg and Poly to get to the Grand Flo(unless you go thru the Hess gas station and car care to get to the grand flo first,and people start looking at you like you are crazy or think you are lost)
so they do the route as they start hitting the resorts.

Caribean BR
Bch Club
Yacht club
this route depending of the peole you have in the bus and were they are going can be modified with Pop Century but still the rule of only 4 stops max per bus.

Downtow Disney
Saratoga springs
old key west
this one also modified with the wildernes campgrounds

Coronado springs
All stars Sports
" Music
" Movies
this route can be mod with AK lodge

As you can see AK ldg and Pop century are mods for some routes and they are not in one specific route.
For going to the Airport(Pick Ups) the routes are inverted, and depending of the day you can end up with more than 4 stops because of time restrictions they do more stops during pick ups ,drivers are alowed more stops going back to the airport. But all is governed by dispatch.
The travel time from Airport To Disney property is 25min but Disney only lets the driver say that its a 45min drive.

Any other questions fell free to ask
and if you were whondering how i know this routes, well i have to do them every day. yes i drive DME :ninja:
BTW Drivrers are not castmembers and they Do accept TIPS . :angel:


We used ME last year and will do it again the next chance we get. It puts you in the spirit right at the airport! Looking for the mickey hand and talking with your first CM :mickey:. I found the longest part of the trip was on the highway watching for that first glimpse of the WDW arch, that’s when you really know “WE’RE HERE”. The collective cheers are part of the fun! Your excited to get started but I kinda like being able to catch a glimpse of the other resorts and the stops really didn’t add much time, and the savings mean you don’t need to feel guilty picking up a couple of new shirts. Our bags arrived within an hour of getting to our rooms, we had no problems.


If you are really worried about your bags, don’t tag them and just take them on the bus with you. They’ll put them under the bus and take them along. Its not a big deal. No different than how Mears was before or taking other transportation.


we used me and it was hassel free. very pleased. will use it again.


Welcome to DC, Spawn51! It’s nice to have a DME expert here.

We used DME last summer. There were only 6 people on our bus and we were the first stop. We were at our resort a little more than an hour after landing.


We also used ME last year and loved the service. No problems at all! It was nice not to have to go claim our baggage after our flight, just took our carry ons and went to terminal A and the Disney staff (with the Mickey hands on) was there to greet you and show you the way to the check in desk. We were last on our bus to get off (we stayed in ASMovies) but it still wasn’t bad!! We are doing it again this october!


[QUOTE=DisneyTeacher]Welcome to DC, Spawn51! It’s nice to have a DME expert here.=QUOTE]

Thank You !!!
Is nice to be here ,and be an expert in something LOL :ninja: