Magical Express


Anyone here used the Magical Express? Pros? Cons? We’re flying in on a Friday afternoon and stay at All Star Movies for one night and then transferring over to the Poly the next day.


We used DME last summer and thought it went very well. We were at our resort about 75 minutes after our plane touched down and our bags were in our room in a couple of hours. We are going back next month and plan to use it again.


I used it last week to WDW and back to the aiport, and again last month. Worked just fine. Both arrivals, we did not arrive until near midnight, and the first time, they delivered our luggage at 3 AM. Last week, it worked better as they held my luggage and left me a message, so I only had to call down, and they had my stuff delivered within 5 minutes.


We have used it and will continue, no complaints here! :mickey:


The only problem I had with it was that we had to leave fairly early in the morning to get to the airport for our departure for late afternoon. I’m not sure how often ME runs, but it seemed odd to me that we had to leave THAT early.


When you leave I think the standard pick up is 3 hours before your flight. I’m a worrier and wanted that 3 hours just in case something came up.


We had problems when DME was about a month old. I’m not even sure it still works the same way, and I’m sure that many problems have been solved since then. Still, I would recommend that if you don’t get your return documents at the resort when you should (the night before you leave), be prepared to do some damage control.



Ah, I forgot. My one complaint is the pick up time. I had checked in for my flight, and had my luggage check in as well, and they insisted I leave 3 hours before my flight. Well, I would prefer to leave 2 hours ahead, and they told me they would not let me on the bus if I missed my bus, so I would have to find some other way to the airport. Even if you flight is delayed by 5 hours, they still make you leave at the scheduled time. When I did board my bus though, they didn’t check me in or anything, but I didn’t want to take the chance.

So, instead of spending an extra hour in the parks, I spent it walking around the airport.


I loved it when we used it in Oct. We got to the resort fairly quickly, I didn’t look at my watch, so I don’t really know how long it took. You do have to leave for the airport 3 hours before your flight, but I’m like DisneyTeacher, I’d be a nervous wreck anyway, so getting to the airport earlier is better. We were all so exhausted that we just got to our gate and took nap!


We had no problems either times we used ME. We were among the first guinea pigs last May and it went off without a hitch- except for our bus driver who made a wrong turn into the loading dock behind SSR on our way to POR - lol. But we had fun with it anyway. Since were were just arriving at WDW, moe everyone was still in a good mood anyway!
We also used it last December and everything was good.

(I do agree wth Mickey however that they do make you get to the airport WAY too early - but I guess I would rather get there too early than too late).


I forgot about that, I would like to leave for the airport later than they want us to also, otherwise no problems.


I would likely use it again for a daytime arrival but not for a late arrival. I did not like going to bed without knowing my bags had made it.

I sure do like Quicksilver service though so it will depend on if we have the money to spend on a towncar. If ME were to cost in the future I would not use it.


Somehow, our bags made it to our resort room before we did - both times we used ME. The first time was at POR and the next was Pop Century…


3 hours, huh? I can’t remember if that’s how long we had to play Rummy in the airport or not, lol. I’ll have to remember that when planning next time.


The problem is security screening at MCO. I’ve been there 2 hours before flight time and was sweating getting through in time. (They don’t have enough screeners for the machines. Plus the stupid “Clear” thing where you PAY extra to go to the front of the line is a money maker for MCO. They WANT it to take so long that you’ll pay extra!)


We used ME last fall. We were told to report to the bus stop three hours before our scheduled flight. When the bus arrived at CSR, it looked like there were not enough seats for all the folks waiting to board (other guests had already been picked up at other stops.) I heard the driver say that some folks would have to wait for another bus to arrive. That didn’t happen though because the result was there were enough seats for all of us (driver miscounted.) Perhaps sometimes they do arrange for too many folks to be seated so they have folks arrive early in case they aren’t able to board.


Ok folks here it goes any questions ask…
First Disney will not pay for a miss flight and Mears will not pick up the tab neither so they decided to make sure you are at the airport at least 2hrs before your flight.
You can take a bus before or after your scheduled time but if you are catching an earlier bus as a curtesy to the ME driver and fellow passengers let him or her know you whant to catch an earlier bus so he can get the rest of the people that do have that app time.
Most ME busses make around 3 to 5 stops going back to the airport,Disney requieres ME to only make 4 stops max on its way from the irport to property but to the airport they really dont mind how many stops they make.
Each bus can only acomodate 55 passengers and it can change if a wheelchair comes into play or even 2 wheelchairs then 55 goes to 41 passengers.
At the airport the bus will stop at the B side of the airport first and then A side.


Yeah the 3 hours seems like a long time but its not like you get to the airport with 3 hours to spare. It takes some time picking up other passengers and then actually the drive to the airport. We had problems with a ticket and had to talk to someone at the ticket counter. Thank goodness my dad is a medallion member at Delta or we would have missed the flight for sure. The line was SO long.

If you don’t want to wait on your bags to arrive, just bring them with you and the driver will put them on the bottom of the bus. If they are delivering your bags late at night and you don’t need them until the morning, call the front desk and have them hold the bags. They will leave a message for you that they have arrived and you can call for them.

And keep in mind that ME is a FREE service and they are dealing with alot of guests. If you want immediate and really quick service, a taxi or towncar is always faster.