Magical Express


We are headed to the World (again) in January. My daughter and her family will be travelling from Baltimore, and we will be flying out of Atlantic City. When I called to give my DME information to MS, a CM told me that I could not have their tags and vouchers sent to them; that everything had to be mailed to me as primary on the reservation (2 br. and BWV). In the past, they have always mailed my kids their own DME info and tags at their home and sent mine to me. Is this a change or did I just get a CM who gave me the wrong information?


I always book our (including my parents) vacations, and I do believe that normally the ME info comes to me directly, though I have never specifically requested my parents info to go directly to them (they just live down the street). I also know whenever we arrive to check in at Disney, their room reservation always comes up in my name even though my parents are both listed as the guests in that room.

If you’ve done it before, I’d call again and verify. If not, hopefully you have enough time that you could just courier the package yourself.


Strange as I don’t know what diference it would make as long as the primary person is requesting them to be sent someware else.
In any case your going to the World and all is well


Last year was the first time I have needed tags sent to another address and they would not do it. All tags were sent to me and then I sent to appropriate areas.


When we went with another family this past June, they sent everything to us in Texas, and we had to send our friends’ tags to them in Missouri. The biggest thing was for us to remind them to bring the DME booklet with them for the barcode tickets (since they had never used DME before). I think that sending all of the tags to one address is standard.