Magical express


I recieved my ME package on Saturday. They only included one luggage tag each for me and my DD… Do I call for two more or just cut them in half and “jimmy rig” them to be two each? I am thinking just make em two. As long as CM can see them, I think their fine…what are your thoughts?


I would call and have them send me two more and as a last resort if the new ones don’t come on time I would then cut them in half.

I would be afraid that they would be too small and not be seen…but then again I am a worry wort and worry about such silly things:laugh:


I would NOT cut them in half. They have bar codes imprinted on them and that is how they get to the proper resort. The bar codes are scanned to be put on the proper trucks from the airport to WDW resorts without the bar codes on the tags there in no telling where the luggage would wind up. Call and the will definitely send you some more.


I am only checking one piece of luggage. I am planning on sticking on the paper tages. We are also carrying on two pieces of luggage that I figured we would just roll over to magical express. I was going to put the plastic tags on those. Will that work? Can I just put the carry on pieces on the bus with me?


Yes you can bring youre carry-on to ME and hand it to the driver and he will load it into the luggage compartment of the bus and give it back to you when you arrive at your resort destination.


No, don’t cut them in half. Call and ask for more, but don’t worry if they don’t come. They’ll tag them when you get to the ME line. We never seem to get them on time; they just send you to the desk first and they tag them there.


You have plenty of time so call and ask for two more just so you have them.


I would request more rather than cutting them. Does anyone know why they’re only sending one tag per person now? We had always received 2 until last December when we only got one. I had to call and request more.


Perhaps most people only check one bag as it is now more costly to do so. I would prefer to check none as it cost $20 but want to bring some full size items like sunscreen.


I don’t mean at the bar code…at the top where they fold. I will call and see if I can get more. Thanks for all the help./


I noticed for my last trip they gave me way less tags than in previous years.


They will collect your luggage without the tags on them also. You just have to give them your claim tickets and a description of your luggage at the ME desk. We booked a trip at the very last minute a few years ago and this is the way we did it. The funny thing about it was I think it was the fastest they ever got our luggage to our room too.


Dana, what airline do you fly that you can have 2 bags or is it costing you? We only have one each anyway now due to cost.


My ME tag didn’t even show up this last trip I went on. My friend and her family all had theirs but because I was added on later, mine did not show up. We called and asked what to do and they said to stave the stub with my luggage number on it and bring it to the ME desk when we arrived in Orlando.

It was really easy. She took down the information for my bag and where my groups’ bags were going and they picked it up and delivered it without a problem!


I am flying Spirit and it’s costing me, but I am going to be there for 10 days. I need two bags each. There is no way I can cram all my crap in one bag, so I paid…to much. I am going to call from work today and see if I can get them to send me two more luggage tags. If not, I will simply cut them and give them my claim tickets. If they will do it without the tags on there and only the claim tickets, I can’t see how cutting them will even matter.


DO NOT CUT THEM IN HALF!. Call and get another set. It will be no big deal. My ma had to do it for her Jan trip and it was no big deal. She actually had cut them in half and I saw them and asked her if they sent them that way etc. and she said no but she wanted to have two checked bags sooooo… she called WDW and they said no don’t cut them they need the full bar code on all bags but they did send her 2 tags (1 to replace the cut one and another one). It was no big deal.

If you don’t have enough time for them to send you a second one before you leave you can give them your claim tickets and they will still get your luggage BUT you have to wait in line at the ME counter instead of just walking through the line with your ME ticket. I hope that makes sense!?

Good luck!



Hey Dana,
Did you get this straightened out? What did they say?
They must be having issues right now…
I received my ME packet and I am not even listed ON it! ROFL!
Only my DH and DD! What is with that? I booked the trip and paid for it… I know I have to call in but wondering what they said :slight_smile:


I also have to call them because they forgot to add my mom to the ME package. Can she just go to the counter if the ME tags dont get in on time? Hope you got it all worked out.


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1041731]Hey Dana,
Did you get this straightened out? What did they say?
They must be having issues right now…
I received my ME packet and I am not even listed ON it! ROFL!
Only my DH and DD! What is with that? I booked the trip and paid for it… I know I have to call in but wondering what they said :)[/QUOTE]

I ordered NEW luggage tags because I did cut them just to see if I could do it with some card stock. It looked good, but then I got scared it would get ripped off in transit (you know how they toss our luggage around). So, I called ME on Saturday and ordered 4 luggage tags for myself and one extra for my GF for her third bag because they only sent her two tags. I am leaving the cut ones on the bags just in case I don’t get them in time which seems silly since I have 27 days till my trip. Yes, they are on my bags…I am 30%packed already…:whistling


Yes, she can go through the line, but she will have to collect her luggage from baggage claim.