Magical Express!


:mickey::mickey::mickey:So, I went and got the mail late last night when I got home (normally I would have grabbed it out of the office I live and work at a storage facility when I got home today but something told me to grab it) and I found our Magical Express stuff!!! I am thrilled! I cant believe that the trip is only 34 days away!!! (not that I am counting down or anything lol) Now, I just cant wait to get those luggage tags!!! :mickey::mickey::mickey:


You got ME info with no tags? Maybe because we never book a package, but we always get the info and tags together. But something I learned with this trip. Our flights had changed since I got our ME tags, so I called ME thinking that had to be changed too. It seems it doesn’t matter what time our flight is, as long as the hotel is right.


I added the air seperatley so I think that’s why I got that first. I just paid the trip off last week so I expect to get all that stuff in a week or two.


I :heart: getting the ME package!


I love getting this ME package. Idont like getting the one on the door of the resort lol


So exciting! :biggrin: Getting ME stuff in the mail makes me walk around with an idiotic grin on my face all day.


I just realized this. Lol I ment the a actual luggage tags. I got the ME ones. Lol


I SOOOOOO agree with you. The one on the door makes me :crying: