Magical Express


Our plane arrives in Orlando at 9pm. How long can we expect it to take to be delivered to our room? Are we better off getting the luggage ourselves and bringing it to the hotel due to what time we arrive? I would rather it be delivered so we don’t have to worry about that part.


It can take up to three hours for your luggage to get to your room even at that time of night. We have arrived at that time or later and still used the yellow tags. We always pack a carry on with what we’ll need for the night and the next morning just in case something happens to our bags. We go straight to the ME bus, check in to our resort, and by the time we’re about to go to bed we usually get a knock on the door.


At that time of night, I would get the luggage myself and take it on the bus with you. You can have them fetch it, but who wants a knock on the door at 1am??


we were there a few weeks ago and our flight arrived at 8:15. I packed an overnight bag just in case. I was told our bags would not arrive until 1:00am. I didn’t want woken up in the middle of the night so I told them I would call them at 7:00…must have been a little confusion because at 6:45 they were at my door! I’d pack a bag for the next day just in case.


I think I will take the extra time to just get it so we don’t have any worries.


Of the many many times we have been to WDW and used Magical Express, only once did we use have our bags delivered to our room. When we did, we arrived at 10am and our bags didn’t get to our room for another 6 hours. And that was just for our room…I won’t mention my brother’s room. We always gather our own bags and get them to the bus and then take them off the bus as well. We have never had to wait for our room either - we always check in around 10am and get right into our room.


At that time of night, I might just get my own bags to avoid any confusion.

We were set to arrive at 11:35 pm on this last trip, we actually got to the gate about 20 minutes early. By the time half our party had made their way off the plane and to baggage claim, the bags were already coming off the belt. We were on the bus in no time and in our rooms at Port Orleans French Quarter by 1:00 am which was fantastic.