Magical Express


Can you guys tell me about this service? We usually either have transfers through Virgin Holidays with Mears shuttles or Limo service so this Magical express is totally new to us as a family.

Is it similar to Disney Paris where you get to your accomodation or can go to the parks directly and your bags come at a later time or does it work the same as that of the Mears shuttles where the bags travel with you all the way and you check in, go to bell services afterwards with your room number etc.

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The Magical Express is free. You board a Motor Coach at the Orlando Airport which takes you to your resort, with normally up to four resorts on a route. You check in, and are free to go to the parks, or whatever else you like, even if your room isn’t ready. Your bags are transported for you and will be brought to your room up to several hours after you arrive. I f your room isn’t ready, you can stow your carry on bags/devices with bell services at the resort. When leaving, you can check your bags at most Disney owned resorts, and Magical Express will take them to the airport where you won’t retrieve them until you reach your destination airport.


As noted, this is only from Orlando International.
If you fly into Sanford, you’re on your own.


We are into International so all good and tips/info still welcomed :slight_smile:


Magical express is seriously awesome! Upon landing, you check in at the Magical Express desk or just show your pass to the CM (I have seen it done both ways) and go to the line for your resort. The bus takes you straight there. Normally there are three resorts on a bus, so there may be a stop or two. You can either tag your luggage with the ME yellow tags and have WDW get them for you from luggage claim and bring them to the resort (this could take up to four hours) or you can claim your own luggage and bring it on the bus with you. Which ever works best for you. I have done it both ways and prefer to let WDW get it. When I fly, I land early in the morning and the room is rarely ready. I don’t need my luggage for hours, so it works for me.


We’ve never had a problem with Magical Express - it’s a great service - but think carefully about your arrival time, what you might need out of your suitcase immediately, etc. You are free to take your luggage with you if you wish. For instance - if you arrive very late in the evening, then chances are your luggage might not be delivered until early morning - or you might get a knock at your door at 3 a.m. There have been instances when luggage has gone astray. If you choose to use the luggage delivery, then I’d suggest packing everything you might find yourself needing for the next few hours in a carry-on bag, so that you’re not left without a toothbrush or change of clothing if need be.