Magical Express


I have a quick question about Magical Express…I should know this answer but for some reason I am having trouble remembering. When will we receive (roughly) our packet for ME with the yellow luggage tags? I know we are going to need more than the one tag per person that they send you but I also know I have to wait until we get the first set to ask for another. :blush:


If I recall correctly we got two per person.


They used to send two tags per person but now it’s only one. You can call and request extra tags and they’ll send them out.


Your ME packed now comes with your travel documents (or it’s suppose to according to Disney). You get one tag (just like Disney Teacher said in the above post), but can call and request more. This should come about 6 weeks prior to travel…key phrase is “about” six weeks. Give or take… If you don’t have anything three weeks prior to travel, call your agent or Disney travel if you booked yourself. I highly recommend you requesting more tags as soon as you get your packet if you think you will need them. I know I would. I have never traveled with only one bag, not to Disney anyway.:laugh:


This is true, our packet came last week and it included everything (and only one ME tag per person). It was fantastic to have all our documents come at once.


Thank you for all the feedback!! :slight_smile: Dana: You’re exactly right…one bag is crazy! Especially since we are flying Southwest so we can have two bags each at no cost! :slight_smile:


We made on two checked bags and two carry-ons for the four of us last trip. DW is an expert at packing. :wub:


I wish but diapers take up so much room…although if I have it my way she will be potty trained by August…lol


Why don’t you ship the diapers to the resort a head of time. We usually send a box full of disposals so I don’t have to pack them. They will hold the box till you arrive.


If you don’t get enough tags and don’t want to wait for any more (say if your pack comes late) you could always scan in the ones they sent you and make a few copies?