Magical Express


Odd question, but I thought id ask. I am flying into MCO and takin ME to WL. My dh & ds are driving in from Pensacola and are planning to meet me at WL.

My question is this.

Are you able to take ME if you don’t fly? Meaning, instead of paying for a rental car we won’t be using for the week. Could he rent at Pensacola, drive to Orlando drop it off & take ME with me? Then take ME back from WL to MCO and rent a car from there. He won’t have any luggage either way as I’m flying Southwest & can take 2 bags free.

Thanks for any info!


There are rental places he can drop the car off at onsite. Swolphin is one, the Hess going toward the MK area (I think that’s the one) is another. He can reserve one to be picked up there too. That way he won’t have to keep/pay for a car all week.


Yes, he can just pick a flight at the time he plans to drop the car off at the airport and another flight for his return trip. However, I would think it would be easier to use one of the rental places on property.


…yes…this would be my suggestion…drop off the rental care on property near the Hess Station, and they will take you to your hotel. Then on departure, they will send transportation to pick him up and take him back to the rental car agency to pick up a car.


Either Avis or Hertz is at the Hilton in DTD. And any enterprise location on or off site will drive him back to the resort after he drops off the car.


We actually decided to just keep the rental. That way if we want to not take the bus we can. It also won’t require us to do 2 seperate deposits on a rental car. But thx for the info


We find that having a car makes the hopping part of our trips much easier. I can always beat the bus times between parks since most involve a switch to another transportaion mode. And if oyu want to his snother resort for a meal it is super simple with a car available.