Magical Fireworks Voyage


…Worth the price of admission?

We’re looking for opinions, good, bad or otherwise as we’re trying to decide which, if any, of the Grand Gathering get togethers, are something we might wanna give a go.


Not sure about the grand gathering version, but I can tell you that our Illuminations cruise was worth every penny!


We’ve done MK and Illuminations cruises. Both are good, but Illuminations might give better views. I couldn’t really advise you one way or the other, this is a personal choice/ do I want to spend that money kind of thing.


We did the fireworks cruise in January, and loved every minute of it. As a matter of fact, my whole group is going back again next year, and my FIL already asked if we were doing it again. I told him it cost extra, and he said, “So what? It was the best time on the trip.”

The kids loved it, I loved it, and the IL’s loved it.


We went on the MK cruise and everyone one hated it. Poor view, too many boats etc.


We did the MK cruise last year. We all enjoyed it. What is the Illuminations cruise? Where can I get information about it?


Illuminations cruises run from the Boardwalk area. Most depart from Yacht/Beach’s marina, but Dolphin/Swan have a special boat and they might send out a boat from the Boardwalk as well. I’ve always gone from Yacht/Beach. It’s pretty standard. Pontoon boat driven by Disney CM. They provide some fruit and snacks and some beverages. About a half hour long including IllumiNations itself. The boats moor just under the bridge between England and France. There’s room for 6 boats. The boats do not enter the lagoon proper, the only boats that run at showtime are the show’s service boats.


That is called the FantaSea. It will cost a lot more than your standard pontoon boat, but it is a REALLY nice boat. :pirate:


In March of 2004 we did a Peter Pan/Pirate Voyage w/Magical Gatherings. We left from the Contemporary after a wonderful snack bar…fruits, cheeses, etc…oh we each got a trading Pin too. We also met Capt Hook & Mr. Smee and a couple of Pirates…Left Patch & Right Patch. They were our capt’s…2 different boats sailed out. They kept us entertained with pirate jokes, Disney trivia questions awarded w/prizes. We watched the MK fireworks and the electric water parade and sailed back to the resort with a story of Peter Pan…and guess who met us at the dock?? Peter & Tink in her lantern of course. It was WONDERFUL!! BDavis did it with us as our parents had driven down to S. FL to check out the FL Keys. The kids (ages 4-9) loved it and so did we. Hope this is the one you were talking about. It was well worth the $$$ and we talk about doing it again. I’m sure if you want to look it up, BDavis932 has it in her trip report from 03/04.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the kids received Little Golden Books with the Story of Peter Pan that we had autographed that night.


Wow! I’ve never heard that before. I’ve never seen a boat other than the
Friendship launches at the Swolphin either. Is this a special event thing?


Gee, my kids didn’t get that, guess they budgeted that out for 2006…


We did the MK firworks cruise in Oct. because we couldn’t get the Illuminations one (that goes fast!). It wasn’t a Magic Gatherings cruise-just a plain old pontoon boat with the 5 of us (we had the “kids”…none of whom are under 25). We left from Wilderness Lodge, cruised around a bit while having soda and chips, and then watched the fireworks with a whole batch of other little boats, then cruised back. We had a great CM and everyone still talks about the cruise as a highlight of the vacation. When we go back, they all want to do it again! It did cost $200 though, and Illuminations costs more. (Just a warning! :crying:)


I think Toll House sponsored the books.


I almost forgot, The Yacht has their Chris Craft reproduction, the Breathless. That’s the all wood 1930’s speedboat that has it’s own out of water shelter at the Yacht Club’s yacht club. This is going to be a premium price tag, over the pontoons and probably above the FantaSea as well.