Magical Gatherings Family


We were the Magical Gatherings family that was chosen to appear in the ABC WDW Parade that was televised on Christmas day 2003, on ABC. It all started when my sister booked 14 Family Members and 2 Friends for the Disney Fireworks Cruise from Magic Kingdom. They called her from Disney and asked if she would be interested in being filmed for a special segment on Family Magical Gatherings, to be shown on Christmas Day. She told them sure, and we were off, lol.

When we arrived on Dec. 1, they took care of us, we filmed on two days, and had all services at our beck and call for those two days. Even private meetings with the characters, meals, no waiting in lines, we had 2 guides assigned to us to take care of all those things.

It was wonderful, a time we will never forget, especially for some of our family members that made this their first trip to Disney World. We will forever cherish these memories, as we have group photos of us with our family t-shirts and they sent us the tapes for all members of the parade. We thank them for making that a magical moment for us.


Welcome to DC!

So is that the type of post we can expect from you? The type to make the rest of us jealous? :wink:

I’m kidding. Actually, my family was fortunate enough last year to be selected to be Grand Marshals of the MK parade one day. It was a magical day to say the least. :mickey:

I hope you’ll have many more stories to share.


How awesome what a dream come true!!!


Hey, I watched that parade, You’re a good-looking bunch! :biggrin: Welcome to DC!


How wonderful for you!! Congrats on having such great luck!!


Welcome to DC and how exciting … I tend to agree with Matt … I am sooooo jealous, what an awsome thing for you to experience!!


That is soooo cool!!! How would you rate the Magical Gatherings program??? What special features come with that??


Oh,wow,how awesome!!!


How lucky for you!! I only hope that on your return visits that you are not too disappointed with having to wait in lines with the rest of us non-TV people. Just kidding–WDW is great to matter what. My 2 DD’s insist that they are going to move into Cinderella’s castle so that they can be in the magic all the time.


Welcome to DC! That sounds like an absolutely wonderful experience. It must have been so exciting to be a part of the magic for those 2 days. I hope you have a copy of that parade on tape so that you can watch it and experience it over and over again!


As did I thanks to llama!

Welcome to DC. Thanks so much for saharing your story. I hope you write more about it. I love to hear about the magic others experience and yours my new firend was VERY magical!


I fit in the very jealous crowd!!! That is sooooo awesome. I would never come down from cloud nine after something like that! Welcome to DC!


Oh my gosh that is so very cool. Welcome to DC.


I too, am a horrid shade of green. But also very happy that they use REAL people for things like that. It had to be a once in a lifetime dream and i’m sure the kids will never forget it. (Adults too!) How do you people get picked for things like this! Congratulations :ohmy:


painted lady1… that is the coolest thing ever! What a wonderful way to enjoy yourselves at WDW!
HOWEVER… here at DC, we want more – no, make that NEED more — details please! You are dealing with a bunch of crazed fanatics here, and we crave every morsel of detail!!! What hotel did you stay at? Where did you eat? What characters di dyou meet and what rides did you ride? What cast members took care of you and how did they do it? How did you get around – by car, bus, limo, monorail, bus? Did you have excorts everywhere you went? Etc. etc. etc… You have given us a tiny peek of your fantastic trip, and we want ALL the scoop!!! Please, painted, please tell us everything!!!


The Magical Gatherings Program was wonderful, there was four or 5 of our group that had computers and downloaded the Magical Gatherings Trip Planner. We corresponded with one of our group from Florida, too and they kept us up to date on everything. My sister planned all the events for all the days, Unfortunately, it is very hard to get 16 people together all the time, some want to sleep later, others want to get going earlier, lol. And we were in two different resorts, both VClubs, Old Key West was where my group of 8 and I were located and the Beach Club Villas was where my sister and her group of 8 were. It was fun, even though I have been a few times down there, some of the kids and my daughters was the first time, so it was an experience.


Thanks lama, lol


The Disney People sent us all a copy without commercials, which was wonderful of them. They bought us all the t-shirts and they also gave my sister $1,000.00 disney dollars for arranging all of that with them. I mean for 3 months she was on the phone with them, they had to do background checks on all of us, so they needed each individual id on each one, they called me directly, and I gave them my info…but i’ll tell you, filming is not easy and very tiring, wouldn’t want to do that all the time, lol. Going over and over on the same rides, 3 and 4 times was a kick, lol…


Because they were doing that magical gatherings thing for friends and families, any large group that had booked a vacation around that time the first week of december, when they normally tape the parade, they contacted. so they had more than one family in line for the spot, it was just a matter of picking out the one they wanted. Lol, dont know how we got picked, my sis had to send pictures of us, too, along with the background checks, they really do a thorough job, lol…


My sister is a vacation club member and has to club memberships, one at Old Key West, first one, and the other at Beach Club Villa’s, new one. We were picked up at our respective homes-away-from homes by a van driven by the DW Guides. And we were taken into the back way of the Magic Kingdom, which is where we filmed on the Monday, and then again on the following Saturday, which was when Regis was there, Clay Aiken and Raven and all sorts of other stars taping there parts of the parade. We were hoarded in that circular section just inside the gates, and just before Main Street, waiting for our turn to be taped, lol. We had breakfast at the castle, just before shooting, on the Monday…and we also did a family photo shoot at the rose garden just before you get to the castle. They kept a constant supply of cold drinks and snacks for us all day, and we broke for lunch which they took care of too. Dont remember where, because we went there through the back way too…

They broke us up into two groups, cuz 16 was too much to try and tape while doing rides. So one film crew went with us and the other was with my sister. After lunch, they took us over to boardwalk, where we filmed riding the surrey bikes around the resorts. And thats where they interviewed my sister, because she narrated the special, which was introduced by Miss America, during the parade. Hope that answers some of your questions, lol…