Magical Gathering's


How big of a group do you have to be to qualify for Magical Gathering’s? There are 8 of us going for the entire week and 2 more who will join us for a few days of the trip.

Anyone have a website i can go to, to check out information on Magical Gathering’s?



You have to be a group of 8 or more so your group is big enough.

Walt Disney World - Magical Gatherings


let us know how it works out for you. i have 12 people going together in dec.


8 is all you need for group dining and I think it may be 10 for the select gathering stuff- call the magical gatherings tele line to ask… there were not many “perks” and many “put outs” when we did it with our party of 18 the last time. We were stuck at seperate tables,put in corners and in back rooms for character meals and given odd times for reservations to accomodate our party size and when it came to paying for our dining it was a nightmare. Im only saying this all because we had so much trouble that my husband is insisting on it being just us this trip. I spent alot of the last one in tears from all the troubles. Anything that is an actual Grand Gathering event is a seperate cost-

Personally I would just plan it out as if you were seperate parties and then meet up when you wanted to. Its a lot less stress!


One week from today we will be at WDW for our 3rd annual end of Summer trip with DMIL. Our party size has been 8 on all of these trips and we have been given a Magical Gatherings number but the only use we got out of it is that supposedly it helps you get connecting rooms at the resort. I am not that familiar with all of the Grand Gathering options but help getting connecting rooms is a big plus to us.