Magical Moments M&Ms


Not sure this has be posted already? Thought they’d make a cute gift! :happy:

My M&M’S® - Customized Chocolate Candy with Disney Characters


I wouldn’t be able to eat them…they are so cute. You are right. They would make a cute gift.


Here are some more images! I :heart: the Mickey Mouse ones! :wub:






You can also get the Disney dispenser for your Disney M&M’s


Oh my goodness! I want some of those and the dispenser too. I don’t know if we could eat them either, though.


The dispenser is smaller than I thought it would be but it does only hold M&M’s. We mix a regular bag with a Disney bag to make them last a little longer.


Now I’m in the mood for some chocolate! So cute!!


I just checked out the prices…YIKES!!!


It depends on how you look at it. With the dispenser you get three bags of the M&Ms so the dispenser is like 20 bucks.


I’ve looked at the special M&M’s before on the website too, and it is pretty steep, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve never actually bought any. I always think, “We’re just going to eat them! Why spend so much money when I can go to the store and buy some that might not be as cute, but they’ll taste the same.”


I use it as a fund raiser for the Disney trip. When family and friends come over they always toss a quarter in. It adds up after awhile. And I mix regular with the Disney so they always are excited to see a mouse on one or two of the M&M’s.


Those are so cute!


That’s a very cute idea!


to sweet !!


You can order you own custom ones too. NOT cheap for sure.