Magical Moments Trip Report


I can’t promise I will complete this in a timely fashion…I am swamped with work! But here goes…
It was a strange trip for us…
10 minutes before we were leaving our house, a large pigeon flew into our bedroom window and shattered the outer pane of glass. (Oh well, deal with that later…)
We left at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, 3-23. My DH, DD and I were in our van and Disneybound was in her van with her DH and DS. Our vans had CBs so we could talk to each other on the drive down. Our kids did not ride together because my DD was sick. She got sick Monday night, had a fever for about 2 days, missed school Tues and Wed. Was tested for strep but that came back neg. So to be safe, the kids stayed in their own vans during the drive down.
Drove all night, only stopped for the usuals.
We arrived at AS Sports Thursday, 3-24, Disneybound’s bday, at about 9 pm. Disneybound stayed at POR.
It felt SO GOOD to be there! Like home. The resort was full to capacity. We had requested a first floor room but at check in, they did not have us in one so we asked if we could be changed to first floor. Our only option was a first floor room with one king size bed. Since there was 3 of us, they would give us a cot for the week, free of charge. We said okay. We were happy with the location of our room, first floor football, near the parking lot however, once we got in the room, we saw we were given a handicap room. I was not very happy with the bathroom and shower situation. (The shower was like a school shower stall.) But we were tired and I thought I would just deal with it. I just could not shake the feeling that all of a sudden, I didn’t feel at home anymore.
It has been our ritual to go to Epcot the first night that we arrive and see ILluminations however, didn’t get there in time. So off to sleep.


Friday March 25
I didn’t sleep very well. After talking with DH, I decided I was going to request a room change. I just did not feel the same “at home” feeling I usually have at WDW. And, they forgot to get a cot to us so all 3 of us slept in the one bed. The CM that handled the room change request was very helpful and arranged a change however, it could not be done until Saturday so we had to stay in that room one more night. Okay, I can deal with that.
We get to Epcot by about 11am. Needed the extra sleep! (Disneybound is meeting us.)
We are annual passholders so DH slides his pass in, all is good. But when DD and I try, it rejects our passes! Have to go back to the entrance and get in a line where people are purchasing their park passes. As we are waiting (and we realize we will be doing alot of waiting this week) DD feels sick and throws up. She was getting better however, now is not looking so good, eyes half open, just not herself etc. DH takes care of her as I get the passes fixed.
So, now I am getting worried about my DD. No fever, we decide to go in and see how things go. First stop, Spaceship Earth. She rides in the seat in front of us with Disneybound’s DS and I just quietly lose it in the seat behind her.
She says she is okay so we truck on. DD needs to start eating as she has not eaten much over the last few days. (Eats little bits all day and nothing else comes up!!)
Goal today is to ride Test Track so we go get a fast pass which ends up being for 8 pm (It is now about 12pm). At least we got one!!
Not in exact order… but headed over to meet Figment, both kids LOVE Figment!! Figment refused to sign their autograph books but did take pictures with the kids. We rode the Figment ride. Then Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Then over to the Aquarium. (Sorry I don’t have the all of the names of the attractions.) We LOVED Turtle Talk!! Don’t miss that! You will laugh!
We were hoping we could ride Soarin’ as we heard it was open a few days prior however, it was not opened at all that week. Next time…
Headed over to Universe of Energy, we love that attraction.
Had PS at Le Cellier at 5:50 pm. Got there early and was seated very close to the PS time. Most of us enjoyed our meal. My DH was not very pleased with the cut of his steak. Used our DDE pass and it was great to get 20% off the meal!!
After dinner we went over to TT only to find out it closed for the night due to drizzle and/or technical difficulties (can’t remember which as it happened often to TT that week.) We were told by CMs that our FP would be honored the next day. Great!!! DD still was not herself so we decided not to stay for Illuminations. We got back to the room and went to bed.
For as crowded as it was, we did have waits however, none were very long! We got to do almost everything that we wanted to do. It was a wonderful day. And will be even better once DD is back to herself!
I remember thinking: Soak all of this in! Don’t know when I will be back again. It doesn’t matter if I have to wait 2 hours for something, I am here!!! And I have 7 more wonderful days to go. Isn’t life wonderful!!


Thanks for sharing so far. Can’t wait to read the rest.


Wow, you have such a great attitude! First a broken window as you are leaving and then a sick daughter and a not so perfect room–not a great start, I hope I gets better. I can’t wait to read more!


Awesome TR so far! Thanks.

Lisa :mickey:


Saturday March 26
We wake up about 9am. (We are not ones that get up early to enter the parks at opening.) So we leisurely get up, DD still not herself, but seeming to be a pinch better. We have to pack everything up and leave our suitcases near the front door for the move. We told them we would be out by 11am so they would be coming shortly after that to collect our stuff. We would not have our new room until after 3 but (maybe earlier) but it did not matter to us as we were going to the park for the day and would not be back till late, assuming DD was okay. So we left the room comfortable with the room change plans.
Headed back to Epcot with plans to meet up with Disneybound and ride TT (it is their first time riding it so we are excited to experience that with them.) But here came the rain. We did some pin trading with a family from Ohio who were at the pin station. My DD is really into collecting Figment pins and she found a real neat one from the Ohio family. So again, there were delays with TT. To kill some time, we went to Body Wars. Some in our group were concerned about getting sick on this ride so the CMs offered that we ride it without the simulator moving. So the 6 of us piled into the simulator and watched the movie. It was great that we were allowed to do this! My DD, DH and I rode it in 2001 and all got off feeling very queezy. So this was a challenge for me also!! My DD did not want to ride the actual ride so she and my DH left and the 4 of us got into the line to ride it. It was great! I am glad that I tried it again. We liked it so much and there was no line so we rode it again.
It was still raining so we went to The Making of Me and Cranium Command, both attractions we had never been to. Cranium was great!
Finally, time to attempt TT again. We had to convince the CM that we were told the previous evening that we could use the FP the next day. We finally got on that ride! And it was worth it!!! We had a blast.
Disneybound had made a PS for Sci Fi earlier that day, great job!! The sun was now shining and it was a beautiful late afternoon! We took the boat from Epcot to MGM. It was relaxing. And everything was beginning to fall back into place, DD was much better and eating well. The sun was shining (after cloudy skies on Fri and most of Sat) and we were on our way to Fantasmic!!
I should add, my DD is really into pin trading ( I have to admit I am also!!) I had bought several pins prior to the trip to trade so my DD was starting to really get into it.
FYI…many or maybe all of the new lanyard pin have a silver mickey in the lower right corner of the pin. Most that we traded for have this. Also several CM are wearing their pins on a black rectangular pad which hangs off their belt. Maybe that is Disney’s way to offer another option to CMs so kids (and adults too!!!) are not grabbing at their chest area. I have seen kids grab onto the lanyard and pull at the CMs neck.
So, we get to MGM and it is about 6:15. Fantasmic is at $7:30. We are advised to get seats at least 1 hour before show time so we head over there. We get the best seats, right in the middle of the stadium. We are surprised at how crowded everything is but once again, we easily get in to see the show and the show does not fill up until after 7!!!
Fantasmic was fantastic!!! Once I saw Mickey, I finally felt “at home.” After all that had gone on up until that point was missing something and I finally realized it…we hadn’t seen Mickey! I LOVE the boat with all of the characters.
After Fantasmic, we went over to the Sci Fi. Had to wait a little bit, our ressie wasn’t until 9pm. None of us had been there before so it was very exciting to experience the Sci Fi! I do have to say the cars are a bit tight (maybe if I lost 10 lbs it would help!) But it was well worth it and a great experience.
We had several new experiences on this trip which made this trip very memorable.
So after Sci Fi, I had to go back to AS Sports check in to get my new room. DH started to have a sore throat so he teamed up with Disneybound’s DH to take a trip to Walgreens for a few things.
After going to check in, we found out we got room 101, building 10 Football (for any of you that are familiar with AS Sports. It was facing the football field and right next to the Football helmet. We were so pleased with how smoothly the room change went. Our bags were in the room. We had 2 beds, YIPEE and I was so at home, I could scream with joy!!! I really was feeling like I was in heaven!!
We are used to staying at Surf’s up in a preferred room but they were not available. I think that Football is just as good of a location at Surf’s up! Close to both pools! Quick walk to the buses. We didn’t mind all of the activities going on at the Football field. Every morning, we woke up to teams practicing, cheerleaders doing their thing. And we loved it. The only drawback is you really have to keep your eye open for baseballs and footballs flying all over the place but we enjoyed the atmosphere.
Hubby got home about 1:30 am after running around with Disneybound’s DH.
Boy did I sleep good Saturday night!!!


Wow! You have a great memory for detail! Love your TR so far. Hope your DH is all better now. Can’t wait to hear more.


I am having a wonderful time writing about it because I feel like I am reliving it!


great trip Magical moments I am so sorry that your dd was sick I hope she got better for the rest of the trip I hope you and Stacey enjoyed your trip


Great trip report, glad to see your DD got better!


Sunday March 27, Easter
DH gets up early to go to church. DD and I sleep in. Our plan for the day is MK and PS at Crystal Palace and of course meeting up with Disneybound. (For the record, there was no problem at all meeting with Disneybound even with us staying at different resorts. It seemed like most days as we were getting off transportation, they were too!)
So what a great night and day, to be in our new room. The room was just as we remembered all other rooms at AS SPorts and we were definitely home!! And we LOVED the location. Maybe we would request Football over Surf’s Up next time.
So, DH came back to the room later and was not able to even get close to the church. Traffic was backed up everywhere and the parking lot and street was bumper to bumper. Oh well, he tried. Plus he was beginning to not feel very well.
So we set out Easter Baskets. Once Taylor got up, she started to have breakfast, PEEPS & CHOCOLATE! (Oh, well, we’re on vacation, right?!?!)
This is our 3 day at WDW and we are finally going to the MK and eating at CP! DH decided to stay at the resort to rest as he was beginning to feel worse, plus he was tired as he was gone last night till 1:30 am and up very early. So DD and I went on our way with plans to meet Disneybound. We would meet later in the afternoon.
It was pretty crowded however, we managed to do what we wanted and not let that get to us. DH, DD and I usually have a goal to do the mountains at MK so as usual, once we enter the park, we make our way over to SPACE M and get a fast pass. We got 5 of them!! YIPEE!! THis will be Disneybound’s DS’s first time riding it.
We have some time before we can ride Space, I think around 4 or 5 pm. So we did everything we wanted at Tomorrowland. Rode TTA and DD explained SM to Disneybound’s DS as we rode through it. We did CoP. I loved it as it is such a part of MK for me. But at the same time, it is showing it’s age. There were technical difficulties while we were on it. Some strange beeping noise, the movement of the carousel was slow at first. There was huge delay in our rotation, once we entered a new scene, it had already started.
There was a short wait for Buzz so we went there. As usual, I had the most points of the group. I am the reigning champion at Buzz Lightyear!!! Thank you! Thank you!! I had over 800,000 points. (Yes, we did have a technical difficulty and the ride sat still at a place I could get points. And of course, I do have a good aim!) But I do win every time, no matter who we are with.
DH meets up with us in the afternoon. It is about time to ride Space. Since he does not have a FP for Space, he goes over to Splash and THunder to get a FP for us. We get in line for Space. And everyone loves it!!! Disneybound’s DS was now ready to take on everything at WDW! (But what about RnR??? It is a bit more intense. His reaction to RnR yet to come…)
After Space, we head over to CP for dinner which was great as usual. They had broccoli which was seasoned so good that I could almost eat a whole plate of that. As a matter of fact, my DD came back with a whole plate at one point. We almost finished since I helped. By the way, she was over her “bug” late Saturday and was back to herself on Sunday. (Now I have DH to be concerned about.)
We walk out of CP and Wishes is about to start. What a great way to digest our meal from CP. We stood to the left of the castle. There were trees obstructing our view but it was enjoyable anyways.
Time for Splash!!! We truck over there, with still some time to spare so we decide to go to Thunder because there is no wait at all!! My family, Disneybound and her DS ride Thunder. (It is their first time!) It took about 5 mins to get on it. I never rode that at night either. It was great. We got off and the kids said can we ride it again. I look at the line and it still is very short and say, “Of course, I will take you!!!” DH and Disneybound sit this one out as I take the kids (Me pass up another ride on BTM, NEVER!)
Now off to Splash!!!
I have never been on it at night so my goal is to keep my eyes open as we go over the top so I can look for the castle. DH and I take the 2 kids, Disneybound and her DH prefer to relax. So off we go. We got on very quickly. Did I keep my eyes open, NO! I just can’t! I close them everytime on that drop. It was a blast and once again, Disneybound’s DS loves it!!! (It is his first time on all 3 mountains.) Unless I am forgetting something, that ends our day. Back to the bus and bed.


Great trip report! Sounds like you had a perfect day at MK. Please keep the report coming. I need a Disney fix.


OK…I know I have let a few of you down here. As MM mentioned, I opted to relax with my DH while they took our son on Splash Mountain. OK…OK…it is time for me to be honest…well…I WAS relaxing…but, only because I chickened out.
OK…I SAID IT. I can’t help it. I couldn’t overcome the drop at the end. I am going to have to prove it to myself on one of our trips that “it is nothing”…


MM -
Loving this report. Your positive attitude about the crowds is refreshing. I can’t wait to hear the rest. :flowers:


Love your TR so far. Can’t wait for more :slight_smile:


love your TR! I wish I was there!
Keep it coming!


:biggrin: Your report is great - and so is your attitude! Can’t wait to read more!


Sorry it has taken a few days to get back to my TR. My weekends are hectic!
Monday, March 28
Off to MGM with Disneybound’s family. We meet at the entrance to MGM. Again, as busy as it has been, we have not had any trouble meeting at a park considering we are staying at different resorts.
Major goal for today is to ride RnR with my DD, Disneybound’s DH and DS!!! First stop, after going to the pin station and stopping every cast member in sight to see their pins, is the RnR. We get FPs. We considered ToT however, but only myself and the 2 kids wanted to ride. I wanted a second adult to help, just in case couldn’t work that out so…next trip.
We have a few hours, till at least 4 ish, before we can ride RnR. This is my favorite ride!! And I am getting all worked up anticipating it. That take off takes my breath away every time! I try so hard to relax through it but, it is just so intense!
We decide to go to the Great Movie Ride and the line is long, I think we had about a 20 min wait. We have never waited that long however, 20 mins was no problem! The people in line with us and just left RnR. After waiting in line for 1 hour, the ride had technical difficulties and they told everyone to leave the ride. No word on if it would close for the day or not. Bummer if we cannot ride it but there will be another day to try.
THe weather was beautiful that day! Everyone loved the GMR. If I remember, it was Disneybound’s first time on that ride.
Then we went over to Star Tours. No one in our group has been on that. Disneybound’s DH and DS want to ride it so I join them. The wait was about 45 min. It was worth riding! And is was not as intense as Body Wars. Disneybound, my DH and DD are at Beauty and the Beast so I race over there after ST and watch that with them. (I notice RnR is running again, YIPEE!!) After Beauty, I find out DH is not feeling very good. He decides to leave after Beauty. My DH does not complain much so now it is time to worry about him a bit. But he tells us to stay and have fun, he will go back and rest.
Time for RnR. DIsneybound goes to the parade as her DH, DS, myself and my DD ride RnR. It is the best! Everyone loves it!
Snack time, I finally get a Turkey Leg. And then we all part from MGM, back to our resorts with plans to meet later at DTD.
More later…


Just a thought, it is really difficult sometimes to order food at the counter service because all of the counters offer something different. Like at the counter service at Tomorrowland, is it Cosmic Ray’s??? (Please don’t laugh if I am way off!!) If you want a Chicken Sandwich and Fries, you can’t get Fries with Chicken, you have to go to the Burger lines. That makes things difficult!! What if someone wants soup with their burger?? I am sure Disney has a good reason for that?!?!

Now back to Monday, March 28.
DD and I head back to the room after MGM. I am hoping DH is doing better since he left us early in the day. Our plan is to meet Disneybound at DTD.
DH is not better but feeling worse and thinking he will have to go to Urgent Care. He says again, to go and have fun (kind of hard to do with having concern for him but DD and I head off to DTD.)
We meet Disneybound and her DS and head to the pin station. THere are pin traders there and they are real serious about their collections! My daughter who is not shy and will go after what she wants, tries to make trades however, no one will trade with her, a common for a retired etc. So I did buy a pin inside the pin station for $8.95, they wanted this one Stitch pin, and my DD traded it for a Figment pin which, much to my surprise was a current pin I could have bought right then for $6.95!! Oh well, live and learn!! I did trade away one of my LE from Mickey’s Philharmagic for a LE 2004 FIgment Christmas pin, felt that was a more even trade. But you really have to know what you are doing with these traders.
We spent so much time pin trading that we had to get over to Earl of Sandwich before they closed!! And that was dinner.
We were excited for Tuesday. We were meeting Disneybound at Epcot for their last day at the parks. (We still had Wed through Fri.) And they were also moving to our resort for Tues and Wed nights. Even though they would not be going to the parks, we looked forward to seeing each other to swim or talk at the end of the day by the pool. More later…


Sounds soo great, sorry you had so much sickness going on!! But it still sounds like a wonderful time :happy: