"Magical!" to return this summer


I talked with a friend yesterday who works in the Entertainment Dept. Down at DLR and she told me that as of now last years new summer Nighttastic fireworks spectacular “Magical!” is planned to return for this years Summer Nighttastic promotion, though with everything Disney, anything is subject to change without notice. The only real difference from last year is this summers promotion will focus on DCA’s new “World of Color” show as opposed to the new Fantasmic! Dragon and Magical fireworks that debuted last year. Just thought I’d share!


I believe that there wll be a rotation the entire year Remember Dreams Come True in the Winter/Spring, Magical in the summer, Halloween Spooktacular in the fall, and Believe in the Holiday Magic in the Winter. But as you mentioned, Disney officials can change things on a dime. I seriously hope it stays that way.


I like that a lot, keeps things fresh all year long for guests, good idea Disney.


Thanks for the info. My oldest daughter wants to go to ca so bad. I think i may do a surprise trip next july for her 13th bday. I may start looking into dl info now.


That would be an awesome surprise! If you need any DLR info or help, just ask! :mickey: