Magical trips


With the new year of a Million Dreams coming up, it got me thinking of how Disney CM’s so often make trips more magical. Things like free room upgrades, someone giving you their fast pass or even towel animals from mousekeeping will make your vacation even more magical. Was wondering if anyone wanted to share anything “nice” someone did for them that made their trip a Magical one.

One I’d like to share is: in 2003 I planned a surprise trip for DH’s 40th bday. I booked a room at POFQ. About a month b/f the trip I received a call from a CM who told me that POFQ would be closing (or at least part of it) for rehab and wanted to relocate us at the Polynesian for the same price we were paying at PO!!! Wow, talk about a magical beginning to our trip. Even more exciting was after we checked in and went to our room, there was balloons and a bday cake for DH!!! :wub:


I had a similar incident the year I was booked at CBR. They closed it right before my trip and I ended up with WL free of charge. When I got there to check in they upgraded me to the courtyard view and I could see the water pagent from my balcony.

Last trip I had several CMs who jumped through hoops to give me the customer service that disney is known for…POFQ cm’s rock. I made sure to tell each and every incident to the resort manager and even wrote a letter about him to Disney. The resort manager was floored that I stopped his busy day to just give him and his staff a 15minute compliment…he was so happy.


WOW to both of you. I’m happy if I get a seat on the bus. I think I’d start crying if that happened to us.


jo-jo -
I really haven’t ever had any bad customer service at WDW…some minor complaints, but nothing to write home about. The two instances I’m referring to however, the service was exceptional! POFQ definately was a great experience…from check in to check out…they treated me FANTASTIC!


I always have fun with CMs at the parties (MNSSHP, MVMCP, etc.). They’re such loonie-bins on those nights and it’s just fun!

And the trip we got a free upgrade at AKL from a standard view to a savanna view–wowza!!


This is exactly what happened to us with the CBR in 2002! :happy: We were devastated to find out that CBR was going to be closing and the only other moderate available was POFQ. (That was back when I was insanely terrified of masks, so I figured the Mardi Gras thing was a no-no.) My mom nicely explained the situation, and the CM upgraded us to the Polynesian for only an extra $9 per night…and we were already paying a super-discounted rate thanks to Mousesavers! We ended up paying less than $100 per night for the Poly!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Best trip surprise ever, bar none.


OMG, that is a RIDICULOUS deal!!! :ohmy: AWESOME! I’ll bet that was the BEST TRIP EVER! :happy:


It was! It was the absolute BEST! I savored every moment of it, because there were NO CROWDS (the parks AND the Poly were practically deserted) and I know I’ll never be able to afford to stay there again! :laugh: :wub:


Don’t say that…you might. One day. Even if it is just for a night or two. I tell myself the SAME thing. My favorite trip was the one where we stayed at the Poly. MK view in the Tahiti Longhouse on the 3rd floor. BREATHTAKING.


The Poly just overwhelms me, it’s so magical. :crying: And you’re right…anything is possible! I’m sure there’s a chance I will stay there again some day. And it will be even better this time, because it will be with DH! :wub:




Ohmygoodness I almost forgot! :eek: (As she’s viciously kicking the waistband of my jeans. LOL) Even better! :wub: