MagicMeets 2008 - Who Is Going?


I know it’s early but maybe we should start out list of who is going…

Last year I (and MissSMIG) helped with registration, and I am hoping to do the same this year. Since we had to get to the Ballroom at the Radisson early, I was able to save a table for Val, her Princess, MissSMIG and myself.

If you are going to MagicMeets let me know and I will try to reserve an MB table… so lets get started…

(please let me know if I don’t have the proper spelling of your name)

Dee & Amanda - DAC921 & MissSMIG -
Val & Alysia
karliebug & DH & 2 DD
Lisa & Amy
Sharon & DS (tinkfan)


I am definitely going to be there with DH. I’m still up in the air about bringing the kids.


Keep me posted about the kids… but I just added you and DH to the list…

If I recall correctly there were 10 to a table… Val am I right or wrong?


UGH! I dont remember!
we can go look up the table pics and see!

Oh and it’s Alyssa! :wink:


…when is MagicMeet again?


Sat. July 19th, see my other thread for more info!


I’m going w/ my friend who is also a member here.

Lisa & Amy


got it!! Thanks


Hi Dee,

I will be there with my DS14, and possibly a friend and her son. I will let you know.

Thanks a bunch!!!


Thought I bump this… anyone else going?

Let me know.


I added my 2 girls to my ressie. So now there will be 4 of us and we will stay that night at the Days Inn and go to Hersheypark on Sunday.


You can pay for your registrations today! So if you are really set on going everyone should log in and pay today. Last year they sold out in I think about a week. I paid this morning so now it’s official! DH, me and Karlie and Kennedy will be there! I am really looking forward to it!


Only about 60 seats left!


God I hope they dont sell out on me!!!
Ive been sick and dont get paid until Thursday!!!:frown: :pinch:


Paid for MissSMIG and I yesterday… we are both so excited.


WAIT!! I never got my email reminder thingy, and now the website says they are sold out! :crying:


Email were sent out on Monday stating that payment option was open.




I know I just got your email… CONGRATS - can’t wait till the event. Was able to pay for myself and MissSMIG yesterday… I’m so excited.


Wish I could’ve come, but it is like my due date, that wasn’t gonna happen, can’t wait to find out all about it!!