This is a rather stupid question. I was in my kitchen when I glanced at the refrigerator and realized I had too many magnets and other ‘stuff’ on it; time for a cleaning. For some unknown reason I began to count my Disney magnets and I counted nine. My question is, how many Disney magnets do other DC members have? :eek:


Funny that you ask… i have too many to count, my entire upper-half of my refridgerator and the side are disney magnets. You got me thinking, though, tonight i will count and get back to you!!! hahaha…leslie


My entire fridge was covered until we got a stainless steel one…magnets dont stick to them. :glare:
I’m now working on a steel bulletin board of some sorts. I have like 50 or so. I always get at least two magnets every trip.


This got me curious and it turns out the answer is… 26.

26?!?!?!?! :eek:

I had no idea. Not as bad as it sounds, though.

9 of them are a set, the Shag set from Disneyland. They’re round and quite small. They’re featured prominently and neatly on the front of the fridge.

7 are… well, you know those stickers they send you when they’re trying to entice you to join the Disney Movie Club? Well, I stuck those to magnet sheets, cut them out… and… instant magnets!

4 are a ceramic set from Disneyland. Very simple, of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Plute. The ceramic Donald remains my personal holy grail.

1 is my Happiest Celebration on Earth badge. :wub:
1 is a plain rubber Donald.
2 are picture holder magnets, once from DL, one fro Space Mountain at WDW (curiously, no picture in it).

1 is a Happiest Celebration on Earth napkin stuck to magnet paper from DL. That’s kinda ratty.

The last is an Indiana Jones Adventure Fastpass from DL, stuck to the ubiquitous magnetic sheet. (I had a lot of that stuff!)

Good grief. I really had no idea.


Oddly enough, only 2?


Hmmm…I’ll have to count tonight…


What a great idea! I think I’ll turn all my un-used FP’s into magnets! What a cute set that will be! Then I’ll just get rid of all my non-Disney magnets which are ugly anyways!

Just two here! :eek: I’ve got a cute Disneyland magnet that just has DL written out and one that looks like the Gold Mickey ear antennae ball they’ve got at DLR right now. I really better get working on those FP magnets so I can represent!


Oh my! I just looked and I don’t have ANY!!! I do have one photo of the kids in front of RnR, but NO magnets. We’ll just have to fix that next trip! Thanks PhilliesFan :cool:


I dont have any either :crying:


I have 12!!! OH and i don’t even know how many of those sticker i have somewhere around here!!


We have 11 - the front of our stainless steel fridge is all nice and pretty…then you turn the corner and this… :eek:


ROFL Paula, your fridge is in serious magnet overload!

I have 3 Disney magnets on my fridge. My favorite is an old school Epcot one that was purchased sometime in early 90’s.


I have three…

  • an OLD EPCOT one that HAS to be from the EARLY 80’s.

  • A Disney’s California Adventure one that looks like a cute map of Cali.

  • A Disneyland photoframe magnet (with a picture of Michele and I, my best friend, with Mr. Toad in DL)


One… and it is my favorite thing in the kitchen!

It is the monorail, and whne you push a button, it says, “Please satnd clear of the doors!” and press it again and you hear, “Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!”


We have 2, we normally collect a magnet from every place we visit.


3, two of which are the little stuffed animal magnets (one goofy and one stitch) and then another MK magnet


Alas, we don’t collect DW magnets…maybe next trip.


I think I win with


BUT, only 4 of them are actual “WDW” magnets

81 are pressed pennies I have collected over the years…I cut up small strips of magnets and glue them to the backs, and viola, instant magnets…of course they are more for decoration than holding up stuff…they’re really bad at that.


ROFL Bored much? :tongue: Neat idea though! I always get pressed pennies from every place I go (even restaurants that have the machines). Never thought about turning them into magnets.

WDW magnets - I have… 0. Yes, none. :ninja:


I have 9. Most of them are of Mickey, done like mod-art paintings.