Mailbox stalking officially over!


I got all of my travel vouchers and Disney luggage tags today!!! Hooray! I was confused on what I should have vouchers for (only 1 ME voucher, no Park Hopper vouchers, etc.) which gave me an excuse to call Disney. :slight_smile: The CM was super nice but not terribly helpful. I’m still confused. She said that yes, I’m only supposed to have 1 ME voucher but both of us are listed in the computer to receive the service. Why does it only say 1 guest if there are 2 of us using ME? She didn’t have an explanation. She just said it was taken care of and the 1 voucher was all I needed. She said that when I arrive I’ll get the Park Hopper on my room key. Well, duh, I know that! I’m not THAT dumb to how Disney works (almost a dozen visits afterall). Why is it that I have vouchers for some of my reservation info (like our 7 nights at CBR) but not other pieces like DDP and Park Hoppers. The vouchers seem pointless to me. It’s in their computer correctly, why do I need to hand them a “coupon”? Ok, anyway… I’m excited!!! Only 35 days!


I have found that usually those documents are useless (except ME–I’ve never used that)

Just bring 'em all in case they mess up…but other than that I just get real excited and fill out my luggage tags.


so, what did you get - just vouchers? when I booked last year it was just tickets, so that’s all i got in the mail. i don’t know what to expect this trip since it’s resort/tickets/DDP.


My trip package arrived a few weeks ago

and in it was the following things

1.a luggage tag

2.a hotel voucher for the resort I will be staying at Pop Century

3.a $ 15 meal voucher for planet hollywood downtown disney even though I’am on the DDP

  1. a voucher for 1 round of mini golf

  2. a voucher for a 90 min rental of sea raycer a speed boat

6.a 5*7 disney photo pass good for one photo

and a trip itinerary


Oh how exciting…makes me really wish I had mine. :eek:


In my packet was a Disney document holder (plastic with the Disney Travel Co logo on it), a document detailing our package, 2 luggage tags (1 for each guest), and travel vouchers. The vouchers were for our 7 night stay at CBR, ME, Sea Raycer (90 min for the price os 60), mini golf (1 round for 1 guest, not 2 guests), Planet Hollywood $15 off. The last voucher in the packet says “Closing Voucher” which just has my name, address, a list of guests on the package, and a thanks for booking and a number to call for problems.


so then you actually don’t get the awesome tickets until check in? ok, good to know!!


park tickets are part of the room key as is the DDP


well, while that’s handy - I want my tickets NOW!! i looooooved getting them in the mail! boo! :angry:

oh, ok, so I am being a big baby - i know, i know!! :blush:

at least i got the MNSSHP tickets in the mail!! and luggage tags to look forward to!! :laugh:


I know they put them all on the same key so, I guess since they consider the Park Hopper and DDP part of the room reservation, that’s why it doesn’t have it’s own voucher? It just seems odd that they list each piece of your reservation separately but then you don’t get a voucher for each. I still stay they’re pointless! LOL


I keep checking my mailbox every day, but still nothing! Hmmm… think I need to make a reservation before they will actually send something?


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :blink:

it may help…but if you send me your address, i’ll talk to the mouse in charge in 21 days and see what i can do!!:wub: