Mailing Items From Hotel to Home?


We are leaving in 13 days!! Packing up a box to send down. I will probably need to also send items home. We are staying at POR. Is this something the hotel can help me with or will I need to try to find a post office? Not getting a rental car so this could be problematic.



I believe there are places to ship things home at resorts that are also considered convention resorts like Coronado Springs, etc. When we stayed at Coronado Springs we would go to the convention center and there was a UPS there. But when you buy something at a WDW store, you can ship it home when you pay for it.


They can probably help you. I do know that if you leave stuff in your rooms they mail it back to you (if it’s found) so they should be able to help with this as well. Also you can ship all your souvenirs directly from the store to your house.


Your hotel should be able to help, but plan on it taking a lot longer than you expect for it to get there! I dont know why, but Disney mail is S L O W!

As for a post office, there is not really one very handy to anywhere in WDW. Whatever extra fees you have to pay to send the stuff from your hotel will likely be MUCH cheaper than the taxi to the post office!


Bella is right, but we found out the hard way, it’s very expensive. Not sure of the cost if you send something right from the resort.


We shipped directly from the Contemporary a few years back. We had to go to the convention services area. Then they had to “find” a box to put our items in - turned out it was actually a make-shift box. A bunch of cardboard tied together. Then it cost us an arm and a leg to ship it and it took rediculously long to reach us. As everyone has already mentioned…ship direct from the stores or shops that you purchase your items.


If I have an account with Fed Ex, is there a facility (i.e. Fed Ex drop off box) to get boxes or envelopes from that site to ship home on our own?


If you have an account, they will be glad to take your account number. In fact, they did ask me that. Unfortunately, I did not have one to use.


That’s what we usually do. I buy a lot of Christmas ornaments and ship them home. If anything is broken there’s directions on how to get a replacement with the package. If we fly home we don’t get that same option if something is broken.


Mrs. Mouse…Thank you, you answered my question.


Would paying the money for an extra piece of luggage be a better option? I always take a nylon suitcase to bring home any extra items I picked up during my stay.