Main St. Barber- Do you need a reservation?


I know you can help me!!! :laugh:

We’re heading up to WDW this weekend, and the girlz had SO MUCH fun at the BBB last time . . . I thought this time we would try the Main St. Barber!

I remember someone mentioning it was 1/4 of the price of the BBB AND they still did fun things to your hair?

Here’s what I need to know if you can help me:

[B]1. Do you need a reservation?

  1. What exactly do they do for girls? (pixie dust, color spray, etc.)

  2. How much does it cost?
    Thanks so much! :heart:


No reservation, first come, first serve.
I read kids 12 & under are $14. Adults are $17 & shave is $10.
I am not sure how accurate this info is.


Daisee is right about first come first serve, no reservations needed. We have never had to wait lonng, maybe 2-3 people at the most.

I read on some site that they are doing less for girls because of the BBB place in MK. I don’t know if that is true or not so pop in and ask what they can do.


I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. Both of our children had their first haircuts there and it was under $20.00 each time including color spray and pixie dust.
They also got a set of Mickey:mickey: ears that said “My First Haircut” and a certificate. Very cute!


All of the above rings true, but I’ve always had long waits at the Barber Shop. As a precaution, I tend to go on a morning that there are MK Extra Magic Hours and wait ouside the shop until they open at 9:00. Then you’re the first in line.


Thanks for all the tips!! :happy:


Be there at rope drop, as they don’t take reservations, it is first come first serve. In December I paid $7.50 for my DDs to get an updo with colored gel and pixie dust. They did not get their hair cut, just put up with color. You could get a little tiara to bring from home if you want them to add that. My girls got so many compliments and I think it looked even more special than the BBB do’s. I got all 3 girls done for $21.50.


karliebug, would happen to have a photos of the girls with their do’s??

i would LOVE to show DD and see if it might be something she wants to do in december.


You are lucky, we have had never had any luck. The wait has always been so long, we have walked away. :frown:

If we are there this August, we are going to try one more time!


I hope you get a short wait. I think we usually go after lunch and before the parade. There’s usually a couple of people there but no real line. Good luck and if Michal is there he’s worth a little extra wait. We’ve been know to let the person behind us go ahead if we don’t get him by luck.


so if ANYONE has pics. of the kids (girls especially) done up from the barber shop i would love to see them! :C)


Oh thats good to know. Thanks for the heads up, and the luck! :happy:


Agreed!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:


We went at the same time for DS haircut, two people were ahead of us. We waited about 15-20 min.


if someone can tell me how to copy and paste pictures into a post, I will. I have the pics on my computer but it won’t let me paste them into a post. HELP.


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