Main street vehicles?


Are the “Main street vehicles” (i.e. horse and trolley car) still going up and down main street? It is still on the Disney website, but I haven’t been in a few years during a busy season. I know that this is not the most thrilling of rides, but my 3 year old would love it!!! I am wondering if we would see this in March during peak season!!! Any information would help! Thank you very much!!!


When I was there this past August the Horse & carriages were up and running!!! One of my FAVORITE features of Main Street are these vehicles. As far as I know they are still running fine!


They were up and running on my last visit too


I have noticed that they run in the morning very near to park opening, but as the park gets crowded, they stop since they can’t get up and down the street due to all of the people.


I have always wondered… where do you board the main street vehicles.

I always see them, but have never been on them.


If you look, along Main St, you can see signs that mark a loading area for the trollies, etc.


Well, that explains it. Between being mesmerized by the castle, meeting all the characters, and the awesome bakery and popcorn smells I have totally missed the signs every trip.

I will certainly look for them next time.


Well, there’s not a bunch of them, and it’s not like they are big, bright neon signs, or anything like that. It’s easy to miss them…


I wish they still had the double decker busses at Epcot and MK


Well, they still use the Double Decker bus to for the Character Caravan at Epcot… But you’re right. I remember when guests could ride on it too. I don’t remember the Double Decker at MK though… Must have been before my time…


This is going to be changing too. I think I even saw a thread on here somewhere, that the characters are no longer going to be all piling on a double decker bus at Epcot. I’m not sure when the change takes place.

As for the double decker buses at MK. Now that I think of it, I think I last saw them in the mid 90’s if I’m not mistaken. Does anyone know when they were last used?


Amen to that! I don’t remember double decker buses at MK but I LOVED going around the World Showcase on the top/front of the buses, it kinda felt like you were flying.


I’m not disagreeing that they are still around, but in 3 trips since 2001, I’ve not seen the Main Street vehicles once.


In July we saw the vehicles in the mornings at MK, by afternoon it was too hot and crowded for them. We have never taken the time for them, I think I’ll add it to our need to try on our next trip.


I saw them in May. Matter of fact, I watched Cinderellabration next to a trolley at the hub. The trolley had to wait for the crowds to clear before it made it’s way back down Main Stret


Thank you for letting me know that I am not crazy… I have not seen them once in 3 years either… I hope that they will be there in March. I could see why they are not there in off peak times though. My kids have never seen this- hopefully next March!!!


I took this pic just this past May


You know… Now that you mention it, I’ve never been on any of the Main St vehicles either…


ingamba, what is that picture of? I love the girls skirts so much!!!
I got to ride on the trolly with the Dapper Dans one trip, I told them I was a singer and they were so nice, it was awesome. Then they sang a tune as we rode down main street on the first day of our trip, thats one of the DIsney memories you never forget :slight_smile:


I am going to look for these when I go in Jan. My DD would love to ride on one of these. Where do they go, just from one end of Main Street to the other?