Mainstreet Trolley Show?


I remember seeing a Trolley show on Mainstreet, USA back in 2005 with men and women dancing and singing. When we went in 2007 we didn’t see them and when we asked about it the cast member didn’t know anything about it. Do they still do that show on Mainstreet? If so, can someone tell me when they appear? Thanks so much!


Yes we saw the Trolley singers and dancers- I am sure it was very early morning, the trolley just stopped, they all got off and did their act and then went again, it was really very good. I don’t know if its a regular occurrence though.


I thought this went on every morning when the Magic Kingdom opened.


We saw them twice this past April.


I see them each trip…always in the morning. I don’t know if they only do it in the morning, or if that’s just when we’ve caught them.


When we were there in May we just kept missing them entering the park. Of course you know it’s them by playing that music “All Aboard”… And then we all sing " We’re walking right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A." … :eek:


Great! If I know they are still there, then at least I know I will find someone there who will know what time to look for them. I appreciate the help!


I’ve only ever seen them early in the morning as well. :happy:


I think it’s always before the Move it Shake it Parade ???


Oh, and thanks for the pic, WDW Rules!!


I always assumed that they were only there in the mornings because it seems that Main Street would be too crowded later in the day.