Major last-minute change


With the price of gas going so high, we decided to figure out if there was a way we could fly to WDW this May instead of driving from STL. I figured gas would cost us close to $450 round-trip (it’s almost $2.50 a gallon here now). I did some checking and found a great rate from STL top Orlando Internation - just $59 one-way! Needless to say, I booked. Now, instead of spending the first 15 hours of our trip driving, we’ll spend a couple hours in the air - and we’ll even have an extra day on the front end of our trip. Since we’ll arrive the afternoon the same day we leave, we’ll get to stayt from May 13th - May 24th! The first week is at POR and the last four days at Poly (our first time there). Woo Hoo!



Yeah gas prices are really killing the drive concept. In January once we hit Kentucky gas prices stayed under $1.50.


Great price on the flight! Congrats to you. Less time in the car and more time at WDW…excellent!

PS please check the mascot thread. lawwin is taking Dc after you.


Good for you! We also decided to fly to WDW this summer because of the high gas prices. We got a good rate (not as good as yours but still not bad) and decided to save the time and fly. What airline are you using for the great rate? Did you book Disney’s Magical Express to get to your resort?


Wow! I hope it works out for you to fly! IT is 2.79 a gallon here! I live in northern CA ! I hear on the news all the time that the AVERAGE is 2.29 who are they kidding it hasnt been that here for months!! Well hopefully it wont effect the airlines TOO much!


It is 2.29 here now in Florida… Not sure what it is around the Disney Area… I tell you it is just out of this world…especially when you can get a flight one way for 59.00 one way…Enjoy the extra time at Disney too… LOL…


Phayes that is AWESOME!! How great that you guys are (A) going to be less exhausted from traveling (B) going to have extra time to play! :biggrin: Yay, I’m excited for you!


That is so kewl… You get more time in Disney now and get there so much quicker and less tired…


That’s great,our fuel prices here in the UK are even higher i think,( but I could be wrong) it works out to about £4.50 a gallon which is about $9. Our gallons are a bit bigger that yours!
Hope you have a great time and flying is always so much easier!


Thats awesome news!!! Looks like you’ll save money and ad more time in WDW.
What could be better than that?


Scary, gas here is $2.25 at almost every gas station nearby, except Walmart, which is $2.18, but it’s so packed, I’d rather pay the extra dollar (to fill my little Hyundai, fortunately I don’t have an SUV) than wait in that line!

But anyhow, I hope you have a very nice flight, and enjoy the extra time in WDW:mickey:


How can more time at WDW be a bad thing? :biggrin: Enjoy your flight and your vacation!


That worked out great for you. No long ride in the car and getting to spend more time in the world. Woo Hoo for you!!!


We’re still planning to drive from TX, about a 1200 mile trip one way…so if we could get a airfare deal like you…we’d jump on it in a heart beat. We don’t fly, so I never know how to find the best deals. I’ll keep looking though.
Have a great trip!!


phayes03, that is fantastic! Yahoo! That is such good news. I hope you enjoy the extra time you’ll get to spend at Disney. Heck, avoiding the hassle and tiring trip of driving all that way surely puts you on the road to a wicked good trip. :laugh:


Check out Yahoo Travel and Hotwire online. I always book online! :mickey:


I found the fare on Southwest Airlines. It’s a Internet-only fare, meaning I had to book it online. Since it was a one-way price, I had to book everybody twice to do the round-trip. But the price is so good, who’s complaining? Not me…

As for Magical Express, Keith at Mousketrips (he’s helping with everything this trip) has booked us for that. He said we might have to pick up our own luggage at the airport and then go to the Magical Express desk. He wasn’t sure if Southwest is one of the airlines that’s been cleared to allow someone other than the passengers to pick up luggage…


We also booked through SWA on line through their Ding site. We booked at $84 per flight and I thought that was good. I’ll have to keep watching and see if I can lpwer that as we get closer to our trip.


We too have decided to fly! We live in SC which is about 8-9 hours away but we usually spend the night somewhere on the way down. So with flying we are saving the $$ for hotel and gas! Plus we get DD their in 1 1/2 hours! We haven’t booked yet but it looks like we will be going Independence Air for $99 round trip!


Wow can’t beat and extra day. And not sitting in a car for all those airs!

Great deal on the flight. Hope we can get something as cheap!