Make your official "Magic Kingdom 50th celebration" predictions here


I was daydreaming today and was trying to imagine what the 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom would be like. Considering the grandeur and scope of DL’s 50th anniversary.

I thought it might be interesting to ask everyone here for your predictions on what the celebration might look like, involve, what may be opening, new parks/resorts/attractions, etc.

Get as creative as you’d like ALTHOUGH, be mindful, you never know…
I may just put this thread in a time capsule or something and dig it back up and repost it in 2021. :tongue: OK, well, i probably really WOULD do something like that.

OK, so the Magic Kingdom opened on October 1st, 1971. That means the 50th anniversary will be in the year 2021, which is exactly 15 years from now.

What do YOU forsee?


Only 15 years from now?! Thats not much at all!!! YIPES!
Well, number one, I will be working there, not sure where, but somewhere! hee hee

I bet they’ll do SO much insane advertising and promotions and free/discount trips it will be INSANE. A fireworks show (of course) alone with parades, rides etc.
Hmmmmm 15 years?..maybe they’ll open another park in WDW or something. That would be awesome!


Maybe they’ll bring Walt’s cryogenically frozen body back to life!!!


These are my predictions.

(First of all it FREAKED me out to think that I will be 42 years old)


By 2021 I think another Disney theme park will have been opened in WDW. It will be located around the area where the Treetop Villas once were, over by DTD/Saratoga Springs area. I don’t have any clue what the “theme” of the park will be but I think it will have it’s own matching “moderate” resort close by. (Kinda like how AK has the AKL, but this would be a moderate)

Marking the 50th will be the opening of several new attractions and refurbishments in the MK. I think Stitch’s Great Escape will have been replaced with a more technologically advanced and interactive attraction and Space Mountain will be COMPLETLEY overhauled. I also think the “laser discs and car phones” remark will FINALLY be taken out of the last room in COP too. (thank goodness,hehe).

Also, for the 50th, Cinderella’s castle will be the main focus of a special nighttime show where it will be DRAPED in colorful moving lights, lasers, 3-D effects and all sorts of “magic” that will be PERFECTLY coordinated with simultaneous fireworks.

MGM will have faced a complete overhaul too. Star Tours will remain star tours but the screens will have been replaced with some sort of 2021 liquid crystal screens and the ride vehicles will be smoother devices being operated by magnets. The DL version of the “Indi” ride will now be at MGM and “Catastrophere Canyon” will be replaced with a complete new “thrill” to coincide with the stunt show’s car theme (think, “oh no, our tour vehicle has been caught up in a wild car chase in the streets of France”). The Great Movie Ride will have also gotten an updated appearance, especially the “screen and movie clips” in the last part.

Hmm, what else?

Oh, and the price of a one day/one park ticket will be $78.


i thinkby then there will be 2 more theme parks, typhloon lagoon will be gone, at least 3 new hotels, tix’s will be up to $80. and umm? thats it i guess


Well, I retire from the Air Force in 12 years, so my first prediction is that I’ll be working at WDW by then… :biggrin:

I agree WDW will have a 5th park…and I think it will be a Florida version of Disney Sea at Tokyo DL…

All those terrible busses will be gone and the entire property will be serviced by another form of transportation… (I have no idea about this one, but I just hate those stupid busses).

That’s all I got for now…I’ll see what else I can come up with…


Since everyone’s mentioning WDW having a new park… how long does it usually take them to build one? If it’s a while, then they need to get busy… Knowing them, it’ll be like Extreme Home Makeover and they’ll have one up in no time flat.

I can’t really predict anything for the 50th. Heck, I can’t even predict what I’m wearing tomorrow, let alone something happening 15 years from now.