Making a day of The Animal Kingdom


We are going back again in june, and every year I go I cant ever seem to get more than about 6 hours out of the Animal Kingdom. then I just go back to the resort or to another park. I’m trying to figure out a way to optimize my time there, I pretty much go and ride all the rides and then we go and shop. what am I missing? what do you guys do to make it better?


We are actually the same way. We usually try and get there on an EMH morning and hit EE right away. Then we try for the safari, then Dino-Land…try and catch the two shows (Nemo and LK) and ITTBAB and then we are basically done. We did the big AK tour once where we went on all the trails and the Planet Watch and did Flights of Wonder but to us…sadly, those things are kind of do it once and you’re done kind of things. Sometimes we may hit up AK again for a short evening or something. I love AK but it’s a quick park.


I try to slow down and take in how beautiful the park is and always take the trails to see the animals. Also, I spend a minimum of 15 minutes on a visit with the striking Hyacinth Macaws in the Oasis Exhibits. Most people rush right by these on their way to get to Discovery Island or out of the park but I definitely recommend some exploration of this lovely area. Make sure to pick up a performance schedule and see DeVine and other performers. This is the one park I spend more time sitting, watching, and savoring than any of the others.


It’s not just the rides, it’s the neighborhood, the trails with all the beautiful animals and just people watching.
I could spend 2 days there…oh wait, I will in January, heehee


Stop and stare! Pull up a spot on a bench and just take it all in, it can be one of the most relaxing parks! Make sure you go and see all the shows too, catch the parada, stroll around the shops, try on some funky hats and take pictures, take up the photopass opportunitys, go for something to eat, meet some characters, spend some time up at Rafikis planet watch, wander around the trails, there is always something to do here!


Though we like AK, we too only spend 5 or 6 hour there. I think one of the reasons is that it always seems to be crowded there and if it’s hot, well forget it. Not a relaxing park for us.


I count on it only being a half day park- I sometimes will do AK in the morning and then DHS in the evening to finish off with Fantasmic. I always seem to miss the jungle parade because of this but its better than hanging around waiting for nothing when I could be doing just a little bit more. I have also done AK before getting on to the bus to the Disney cruise… it picks up from there if you want it to and that was rather cool as well.


We actually consider it more of a 2/3 of a day park. Go at opening, spend the morning to about 3:00, and then back to the hotel. Relax, swim, have dinner, and then park-hop to Epcot or MK for the evening.


We love AK and one time on Dinosaur! and EE are not enough for us. We do those several times each, as well as the Primeval Whirl, one of my DH’s favorites. We have still never seen the bird show, but last trip took in Nemo and Loved it! The food is great at the CS near EE, we always do the safari, (some people on this board do it 4-5 times!) and this last trip also went to Rafiki’s PW, which was a bit disappointing, but the train ride was cool. The kids like to play in the Boneyard, while we hang out, and of course the Lion King show is not to be missed! We usually spend 2 days or most of days here, sometimes 3. Gotta have that EE fix!


We use AK and DHS as three quarter day parks and plan the rest of those days to do whatever comes up or to just relax back at the Resort


You’re not alone, we absolutely love the park but never spend more than 6-ish hours there. We walk the trails, we take the little train & spend time at “Rafiki’s Planet Watch,” do all the attractions, take pictures, and dote on all the sweet animals. Yet, still, I have never seen what AK looks like after 1pm. :laugh:

Enjoy it as you feel comfortable, there are no rules for how long you have to be there. Although, look at the park guides and pick something you’ve never done before. Like the Nemo show, or one of the animal exhibition shows, & do it! Try something new. :smile:


We have never mad th park a whole day event. We tend to go in the morning, and leave in the early afternoon. We will then go to DtD to shop til we drop.


I guess we’re like a lot of people here, AK is a half day park for us. We usually don’t even eat lunch there before we head out.


We usually spend only half a day at any park before moving on - but I realize that not everyone has the time to come back to parks, etc. I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of Animal Kingdom and I’m sure I could do a whole day there. We usually tend to do the “biggies” first, EE, the Safari,
Dinosaur and ITTBAB. (never do the Rapids - hate to get wet). And then we just take lots of time walking and looking at the animals. I could spend an hour looking at the tigers. Sometimes we just sit around the Tree of Life and watch the ducks, whatever. We LOVE the new Nemo Show and Festival of the Lion King. My dh has to do the bird show too. I don’t know - we just take this park slow and easy and always have a good time.


I agree completely - these are such interestings trails. I admit we usually go through quickly when we enter, but we always take a half hour or so on our way out to stroll around the Oasis. It can really be fascinating. The beautiful lush gardens around the Rainforest Cafe are also worth a look and the Rainforest Shop has some of the best sales at WDW.


We usually have a few margarita’s at Dawa bar. You can also have a leisurely lunch at the new sit down restaurant Yak and Yeti. The food is pretty decent.


We never spend a whole day at any park because we take a break during the afternoon to go swimming or just relax. That being said, we love AK and went back a few times during our last stay. If you do all of the “walks” and the safari, along with the rides, the bird show and Finding Nemo the Musical, you’d easily need more than six hours. Plus taking time to sit and watch people and have a snack (or meal) adds to the pleasure. I love AK!! :happy:


We really love AK and usually get there around 11am and stay till closing which is usually 6pm in May. I’ve learned to just take it slow and enjoy the animals, rides and shows. Spending a little time at Rafiki’s Planet watch can be a nice break and chit chatting with some of the CM at the petting zoo can be really enjoyable. It seems like they really love it when people ask them questions about the animals or what they do at AK.


I like the amptmosphere of AK but I don’t have the patience to do the trails and alot of the big rides aren’t our “thing”. We usually just spend a few hours and then depart to another park or DTD.


We are usually the same way, but we plan on trying to spend the whole day there next month. Now that we added Yak & Yeti for lunch, we will try to take it slow and check out all the little things we may have overlooked before.

We always do the Safari, Everest, Lion King, ITTB, Dinosaur. This trip we will be doing Donald’s Safari Breakfast too. So we will also try to grab a milk shake from Dino bites, look for Devine, watch the parade, check out some of the trails and catch the Nemo show. That should make for a full day I should think!:happy: