Making a DVC reservation without all names in the party


I know that when you make a DVC reservation they ask for the names of everyone in your party. Problem is right now I am not sure who will be in the party besides me but I don’t want to wait too long to call and book. Should I make the reservation with just my name on it and then call back to add other names? Will that be ok if I want to add Magical Express and the Dining Plan later?


Book now and add names later. I’ll PM you with the correct spelling of my last name.


Thanks, Boss. If you could PM me your credit card # at the same time, I can use that to pay for the dining plan. :wink:


I didn’t add 4 of the 7 people to our reservation until about 10 days before we arrived. Make sure you have their address as well, you’ll need it.


It’s MUD.

And they’ve revoked his AP after that EPCOT fountain episode. :eek:

As long as you have at least one name, address and phone number of somebody staying in the unit you can book. You can call or email MS and add additional guests later. You can also add dining plans later on.

Now, if you replace the guest with others later on it may be a problem. They are trying keep people from booking “spec” reservations for peak times then renting them out later.


I’ve done that before, no problem!


Good come back!! :cool: