Making a room request for CBR


We made our reservations through AAA for our December stay at the CBR. My question is can I fax a room request to CBR a few days before our arrival even though the reservation isn’t through them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :mickey:


You need to make sure your request is on your reservation. Most Disney resorts are now ignoring all faxes sent before your arrival, they were just getting way too many.


So Mickey, if it is not on your reservation, can you still add it by making a phone call?


How lucky to be able to go to WDW!!! I’ve been the last three years but am unable to go this year… :crying: I’m so sad! Anyway, we stayed at CBR last year and designated a couple room choices a couple of days before our arrival. At the time of the request, they said they would do their best to accommodate us, but they can’t make a garantee. We didn’t get the rooms we wanted, but what we got were great rooms anyway. I think it’s all a shot in the dark…HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! :mickey: :laugh:


A phone call to whom? You will need to call whoever you booked the trip through. If it was directly with Disney, then call them and have them add the request to your reservation. If you booked with a TA, then call your TA.


Thanks, Mickey, I was mainly asking since you said you couldn’t fax it. I meant, could she call the resort directly, instead of sending the fax.


I just called AAA (whom I booked the trip with) and told them my request and they put me on hold and called Disney right away and gave them my request. They even gave me the persons name they spoke with at Disney.


The resort won’t get your reservaton until a couple of days before you arrive, and if you call them with a request, they will just ignore it. You are best to get it on your reservation and then ask for it again at check in.


AHA! Thanks for the explanation. I had just thought they had your reservation the minute it was booked. Very interesting.


We always go about it that way. It seems to be the best. They are very accomidating.