Making ADR's Online


If i was to stay up until 12:01AM tonight, do you think i can make my ADR’s online instead of waiting for the phone lines to open tomorrow morning?


I made all of my reservations between 11 PM and 12:05 AM., but I was well inside my 90 days.
Unless you’re bucking a 90 day headwind, you should have no problem.
If you are just having your 90 day window open tomorrow, you could try just after midnight. Just keep in mind, that it took me an hour to make 10 reservations, so you could be up until 1:20 checking e-mailed confirmations and printing them out.
The only reservation I made at 90 days was Le Cellier, and even then, I could only get a dinner reservation for the 93rd day.


Theoretically it should work, but it didn’t for me, and it didn’t work for Brit either. (At exactly 90 days.)

I would try it though, because maybe the glitches will be worked out by then. Just be prepared to go with plan B.


That’s the plan for me tonight! 90 days at midnight! Hope it works!


I have heard that the 90 day window doesn’t open up online until 4am, although I have not personally tried it. I made mine at about 6am before I went to work at my 90 day mark online and it worked justed fine.


this is correct - i verified with a CM that the day changes @ 6am…


I dont need Le Cellier or anything else to special so I am just going to wait until tomorrow morning. I don’t want to stay up if I don’t know for sure if it will work…


I made my ADR’s today at 7am by phone. It went great the CM I had was one of the best I have ever worked with. She was able to get everything I wanted including Le Cellier. I was told online reservation were not open till 6am which I did try with no luck.


Calling for us seems to be quicker but you are going to spend some time either way.


I made my ADRs on Sunday and on Sunday the system rolled over at 3am EST. :slight_smile:


If you make your reservations online, be sure you bring your printed out confirmation emails. We ran into trouble at Cape May Cafe on Monday night when they couldn’t find our reservation. They were able to seat us but it was not terribly crowded so I would hate to see what would happen during super busy season. Also the Turf Club said they had TWO reservations for me, one at 4:00 and one at 4:10. I only made on for 4:10 so no idea what happened there.


Does that count as 2 credits LOL


I was told today that it starts at 6am EST… Sunday morning is my 90th day…


LOL I hadn’t thought of that! The funny thing was there was NO ONE else in the restaurant so we didn’t need one ADR, nevermind TWO.


I can definately confirm that the system is available at 6am on your 90th day out from check in.

I set my alarm for 6 this morning so we could have Christmas Eve dinner at Le Cellier :happy:

I tried at 2 am, and it didn’t work. At 6:02 am, it was there.


Hooray for you!!! Awesome Leslie!


Oooo, can’t wait until tomorrow morning! A little concerned about reserving for 10 of us for Christmas Eve. We’re taking a family that’s never gone to WDW and want to do the candlelight processional dinner package. It would be terrible to find out it’s booked…wish me luck!!


I was told that you can’t book the Candlelight processional online- I think you need to speak to a person… but GOOD LUCK!


Yay!!! Called right at 7am today and got our dining reservations all set! Now…only 87 days left…


Excellent for you! I hope you have nice weather for your trip :happy:

(cause that means we’d have nice weather too…:laugh:)