Making animated/moving avitars to be nice ^_^


I am making animated avitars for anyone that wants one, just to give back ^_^. Tell me the character and a description and I will. Just reply on here. :smiley:


I’m always up for a new avatar. If you really want to make some, I like Hades, Eeyore, and any villian. That’s sweet of you to offer.


OK I’ll get to work. Do you want them to be moving or like a picture slideshow or does it matter ?


Awww, that’s so nice of you!! I like ALice in Wonderland - especially the Chesire Cat!! Your a sweetie! :wub:


I like Donald Duck - a series of pictures of Donald would be nice.

Thanks - oh and take your time I’m in no hurry. :smile:


Ok I will get right to work. Alice do you want ours motion or in a series of pictures?


i love mickey mouse-a series of mickey mouse would be nice.


I’d love a series of moving ariel ones :smile: but no hurry…Thanks!


Doesn’t matter to me.


Pick them up in the Avatars pick up form.


aww how nice of you :slight_smile: and I dont think I have had a chance to welcome you to DC !o


How Nice of you. :smile:


Your doing a great job! Do you do this for a living!?
PS If you have a moment could you do a few princesses-pretty please-with sugar on top! :angel: :blush: Thanks!! :heart:


Just made it foe you princessbaby, you can go pick it up in the pick up form. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


I really like the one of Ariel’s Silhouette that you incorporated into Princess Tessa’s choice. Any chance of that one on it’s own? Really great job ~ thanks for sharing :happy: ( You and R2G are the best! )


These are really nice. Any chance I could get a Mickey Mouse and Pluto combo. :mickey:


whatever your heart desires… :wub:


thanks for the info. see my avatar of mickey mouse.


It looks great!


Can you make one for Ingamba of an Iguana or a chinchilla…those are his favorite animals…THANKS!..they can have Mickey ears on them to keep with the Disney theme! :tongue: