Making online reservations for 2009?


I thought you could make online reservations for Disney resorts far in advance, and I want to make reservations at the Coronado for Feb. 2009 (for my daughter’s graduation present). However, keeps telling me that they are only accepting online reservations through the end of Dec. 2008, and that I should adjust my dates accordingly (which I can’t do because we can’t go before next year :blush: )…anyone know when they’ll start taking them for 2009? I’m sitting on the edge of my seat wondering…

Thanks for the help! :mickey:


You can call and make a reservation and if you see a deal in the meantime, you can call and let them know to change your reservations. You won’t be able to do 2009 online until after September 1st.


Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


I was going to say the same thing…just call and book. What a nice graduation gift to DD. Mine is getting the same thing…August trip. At least that’s what I am calling my excuse for going again this summer.:laugh:


Yup, you can always call to book that far in advance! I noticed that before also, that they don’t allow online reservations as far in advance as by phone. What a great graduation present - I am hoping to do the same thing for my sister when she graduates in 2010. Girl trip! :happy:


Yea for the graduation trip. DH said that the Sept. trip is for my graduation gift but I am doing all of working, saving for the trip…:blink:

I’m not complaining, I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!


If you don’t want to book but just want a quote for Feb. you can do that by phone too, you dont have to book when you call. They will tell you that they will hold the reservation till you put down the deposit for XXX amount of days (I can’t remember) but there is no commitment.



I didn’t see this thread before posting my own version of this very same question! Haha! Oops! We’re going in Jan and I wanted to check pricing. I wonder if they’ll announce a Visa cardholder discount for then since it’s a slower time of year?..


I thought I’d let you know that I just talked to a CM and she said 2009 vacation prices should be released around July 1. That way, those traveling shortly after the first of the year have their 180 day notice for booking ADR’s. :slight_smile: I hope she’s right!


Hello all.

I am planning my husband’s 40th birthday trip for February 2009 as well. I called and reserved the room last month. They said I can call back and make it a vacation package (park tickets, travel and dining) once the 2009 prices are released. They require a deposit in the amount of one night’s stay, which is fair, and totally refundable. The huge drawback is that even though it’s value season, the deposit is based on this year’s peak season rates, since the new prices aren’t released yet. So don’t worry when the amount comes up to higher than you expected!!!

At the time I booked, the cast member couldn’t give me any idea about when they would release the new pricing, but guessed that it would be August. I hope that it’s sooner as some of you have predicted- I’m too excited to wait!!!

Great idea on the graduation gift!!! Hope you have the best trip ever!


Thats good to know. I am planning a trip in February too.