Making payments


Is there a way to make payments for your hotel via I thought that I remembered someone saying that you can…but I have looked for it all day and can’t find it…any guesses?


I think, i could be wrong, but you can only view your ressie and make payments if you booked direct with Disney. You need to go into “my Disney Vacation” on the disney site.


I did all that–my reservation is on there…i just cant find where the making payments button is…I thought that I saw it once before…hmp


You can if you booked on line. Go to My vacation put in your phone number and your confirmation number and then make your payment.


I can’t be of anymore help as I booked with mickey, and I know that you UK site is different!


maybe im just blind…but i really dont see it… :confused:


I am having the same problem. My reservation comes up but it doesn’t let me click on anything to make a payment. When I called to make a payment they said I had to pay online since I booked online. It doesn’t work for me either.


Gosh–this is sooo confusing…so if you call and make your reservation you can call back and make payments?
I got a thing in the mail, like a reciept, that said i could make payments that way via check–but they said to enclose the check into the enclosed envelope…and the envelope wasnt enclosed…maybe ill call tomorrow and see what I can do


Let me know what you find out, because I wanted to make some payments and not have to pay all that at check in.


My reservation shows a zero balance due, even though I have to make my deposit next week and of course I’ll have to pay the balance upon checkout.

The thing is, the “My Disney Vacation” thing is still in Beta, so I don’t understand why they’d require you to pay online.

My suggestion would be to call and say that you can’t find the link. Trust me, Disney knows EXACTLY how to attach the vacuum cleaner to your wallet. They’ll find a way to take your money. :wink:

Seriously, they should make it easy for you. According to the website there should be a “Make Payment” button. Quote: "To view the details of your invoice, click on the Reservation Number. To make a payment, click on the “Make Payment” button. "

If it’s not there, it’s probably b/c the type of reservation can’t accept payments online. (I’m pretty sure they only accept payments on packages. Room only payments can only be made via telephone… but I’m not positive about this.)

Please post an update once you’ve been able to figure this out.


Even though this is probably really aggravating for you guys, this is just hilarious to me. No envelope enclosed… :laugh: . I can’t help, I just save up my money in an envelope little by little and store it in the safe, then pay it when I get there.


I just close my eyes:pinch: and put it all on the Visa - I’ll deal with it later.

I once put my 4-night Polynesian anniversary package on my Visa:eek: and the reservation agent said, “Isn’t it a good feeling to have your entire vacation paid off?”

I retorted, “Yeah, YOU’RE paid off, but I’ve still gotta pay my Visa!”