Making reservations


Is it best to make reservations direct by calling Disneyworld , by going to AAA or another outside travel agent or combination of all of the above and then comparing prices? How do most of you handle this? I know everyone wants the best deal but I’m not sure it makes a difference who you have make the arrangements. Any thoughts? Thanks.


I like to use the online booking.


In my experience, I have booked A LOT of Disney vacations not just for myself either, you’re best off going through Disney directly. AAA does not give you the best discount, I always have done better than what AAA offered. Check out the offers at too.


For whatever reason, it seemed like I would get the best deal calling Disney. I would look up prices via web site, and then call and they seemed to beat the price every time. Now, this was years back, as I’m now DVC, so it may have changed. But, I would call and talk to a real person. Always doesn’t hurt to ask if any discount codes are connected with your name. Every so often there is that surprise also.


I agree with Beth. Compare everything you can (Disney and other web sites) and call on your own once you have all of the most up to date info.

And if you find a better deal between your original booking date and before you go, just call Disney and they will modify your ressie.


I’ve done direct and using a TA and I personally prefer using Mousketrips. If a discount comes out that would help you they automatically apply it for you. No phone calls, etc.


Mouseketrips are brilliant. Keith has done our bookings for years now and we are internationals. Fantastic service and always the best packages and discounts tailored for your party or your needs.


Another vote for booking yourself through Disney, either on line or phone.


And if you find a better deal between your original booking date and before you go, just call Disney and they will modify your ressie.[/QUOTE]

Has anyone had a problem modifying a ressie? I had a live chat this afternoon & the CM suggested I book the resort that was available for my dates, even though I think we want POR, then keep checking back & change it if POR becomes available for our dates… makes me a little nervous…:confused:


Isn’t your dates during free DDP? POR standard rooms are booked solid for most of the time frame. I was able to snag a Royal room for one of my clients, but that was over a week ago and all that was left.


I prefer booking on-line but I know a few people who have tried booking this way and still ended up having to ring up to make the booking (tech difficulties etc). I’d say get your quote on-line (usually there is a discount for cutting out the middle man) and then ring up and see if they give you anything different. Keep a note of all the prices, accoms, packages etc they price you for and then go over them and see what best fits your family/budget.

It sounds like a lot of hard work and effort, and in some ways it is, but it’ll be worth it in the end!

I’d say the only problem you might face in booking a different resort and then wanting to change later down the line is the additional fees you might be faced with, from the variation in price of the resorts to possible admin fees etc. I’d always recommend people have a back up/second choice resort so you won’t be totally disappointed if you don’t get your first choice!


If you go through a travel agent, any discounts that come up after you book will be applied. (This should be automatic, but check with the agent you choose. Mine does) Once you know what you want, call the agency, give them your dates, your adr choices, ticket choices, airline needs etc and they can handle it all for you. Much less aggravation than doing yourself. The key is to find a specialized travel agent and learn to trust them.


Mousektrips rock! I used them for our trip in 2008 and again for our September trip this year. Keith was on vacation, at Disneyland of course, when free dining became available to the general public. He got up early and got on the phone to change our ressies for the free dining. Now that is what I call service!


Actually I like to do it by first going and checking prices online at directly and then calling the number and booking directly with Disney. I’ve almost always gotten better prices when talking with the person than you will see on line even with passholder discounts.


Mouseketrips have booked our last three trips and we are using them again for this Oct trip. The last one my youngest dd must had Kieth change all of ours reservation over 10 times due to commintments they had so we could be down there together for 5 days. They did it all without complaining plus they alway found perks for us. By the way we ended up spend 2 extra days after they left to enjoy WDW. I really think they are the greatest.