Making the kids jaw drop


I’ve been away for about a year for business, but am back now. Took the kids to DW for the last weekend of August.

The MK EMH was from 10PM-1AM that Friday.

We checked into the Contemporary at around 6PM. I asked them if they wanted to go over to MK for a couple of hours before bedtime and got the resounding yes answer.

We got over to POC and I winked to the CM. I asked,“Could you please make the call that I want to keep the park open until 1AM.” The CM didn’t miss a beat, “For you? ABSOLUTELY!”

The kids just looked at me with awe. Good times.


:laugh: Well played!


Too funny! I love gullible children…mine are too wise now!


That is so cute! :smile: One of the dates we are there, MK is going to have EMH until 1am also, I should tell my hubby to do this in front of our oldest DD…she will think he is the coolest guy in the world! LOL :smile:


You are an awesome Dad! I bet all those other people really appreciated the park staying open later too :happy:


Yes, we as parents have that special power!!:laugh::laugh:


That is awesome!