Making the most of the first day?



We are arriving in Orlando around 10 am. We have a towncar taking us for a grocery stop then on over to the Wilderness Lodge.
We are also on the dining plan so have meals for the first day also.

What would you guys do in our situation, knowing the rooms may not be ready till 3 or so. The only thing we have planned is dinner at Wispering Canyon, other than that it is all open at the moment.

Just looking for comments/suggestions for our first day in the World.



Downtown Disney!!!


:mickey: Look around the lodge and hit the pool.


If you have tickets go to the MK and grab lunch. After lunch you can enjoy some attractions before you get your room. After you get your room head back over for a rest before dinner. WL and the MK are only about 10 minutes apart by boat so it’s an easy fit if you have tickets for that day.


We always plan to arrive as early as possible so we can make the most of that first day. We take a towncar from the airport, check-in, and leave our luggage with the “luggage guys.” Our check-in CM gives us a card with a phone number on it that we can call from any courtesy phone in WDW with the instructions to call in the afternoon to get our room number. Then we head to the Magic Kingdom for the day! It’s a great system, I think. We usually call around 4:00 pm for our room number (for some reason we’ve always just gotten off of Pirates of the Caribbean!), and, at the end of the day when we troop back to the hotel after Wishes, we call the “luggage guys” to bring our bags to our room. Easy peasy. :slight_smile:


You could go wander through the other resorts too! That’s always fun!


I was gonna say that, but I thought you’d think I was crazy.


I agree w/Disney Teacher - if you already have your tickets, go to the MK for a bit. If not, ride the ferry boat around, explore the resort, or even go to Downtown Disney as lenny suggested.


If you have a day to spare on your hopper go to a park for awhile. The beauty of the new hopper is that an extra day is next to nothing now. We are going for the 6 day hopper since we are hoping to arrive around 9:00am hit AK for awhile then rest up at the hotel after check-in around 4 or 5:00 before our fireworks cruise. I think I figured it was around and extra $5 for my family of 5 to add the sixth day so even if you only spend a few minutes in the park that day it’s worth it.(Wow I sound like a commercial maybe Disney will hire me to promote their magic your way tixs). Anyhow last time we arrived around 10:00 had lunch in the food court, went swiming, hit DTD for a couple hours and then went to our PS at Chef Mickey’s and were pretty beat that night. So I would see how much energy you have and base it on that.


The kids just HAVE to hit a pool after we get to FL. Does us good to unwind too.

Our first day usually involves dinner at one of the monorail resort restaurants followed by a ride on the monorail and a walk down to the beach to watch the ELP.


If you have tickets–hit up Magic Kingdom…its a great feeling to wake up in your bed and by the end of the day be at Magic Kingdom!! If you don’t relax a little…enjoy the pool and the lodge and then possibly hit up DTD and get some shopping done!!


I’d never think that!!! :laugh:

I love checking out the other resorts and figure out which one should be our next stop at the World…and you don’t need a ticket!!


Thanks all !!
I do have tickets for our entire stay, it was only like 6 dollars more to ad the 8th day from our originally planned 7 day passes.
I never even really thought of how easy it would be to grab lunch over at the MK, I was just assuming lunch at Roaring Forks this whole time.
Think we’ll be doing a little of everyones sugggestions depending on when our room is ready and how much energy we have.
Thanks again!!


Most important think imho is to make a plan, and plan accordingly. What I mean is this. If you want to do the pool, have your pool clothes in a carry on so they are easy to get to. You don’t want them at the bottom of a suitcase you’ll have to dig through at the lobby. If you are using the new Disney transportation, you may not see your luggage until you get into your room. Put the stuff you’ll need in a carry on so it is with you. If you’ll be park hopping, put in the carry on or better yet, wear the park clothes you feel will be comfortable. Don’t forget the shoes. Park hopping is not for the faint of shoe, as it were. When we checked into the Boardwalk in Feb, they did something new. They gave us a number to call and code to use to find out when our room is ready. I’d advise getting back to the resort to “claim” your room. You won’t be left out in the wilderness, but special requests and rooms go as the day goes on. We’ve had some late arrivals and have had to change rooms the next morning to get what we really wanted. There is a definite “pecking order” in each room category. That doesn’t mean you need to hang out in the lobby for the day, just don’t show up after the MK’s fireworks and expect the perfect room.


I agree with fjs.

We usually travel with different shoes than we walk the parks in. When we arrive in the morning, typically we have all the stuff we need for the parks ready in a carry-on. We change our shoes, jackets, whatever and check-in. As soon as we check in, then it’s off to the parks.

Last May, our flight arrived early, so we were off airport property by about 9:30am. We checked in around 10am and we were at the Epcot gate by 10:45.

We had a LOT of fun that day. :mickey: