Malfunction, heehee


:laugh: ROFL :laugh:


:laugh::laugh: I feel like I shouldn’t be laughing at that but it was so funny.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Lincoln’s doing back-bends!


I know, I know, I can’t stop laughing


I wonder how long it took to make that repair! Poor Abe!




HeeHee–too funny!!:laugh:


:laugh: Lincoln should really get more sleep at night!! :laugh:


You know there’s a story (told by Marty Sklar) about the time they previewed the original Abe Lincoln animatronic at the 1964 World’s Fair for some big wigs before the fair opened and one of Abe’s hydraulic lines sprung a leak. So here’s Lincoln shooting red fluid and the big wigs loved it because they thought it was supposed to be blood.
After that, all animatronics use a clear hydraulic fluid.


Darth Vader needs Viagra for his light saber!

YouTube - Poor Darth Vader


I thought I already posted this, but it looks like I didn’t:

YouTube - Disney “Approved” Wardrobe Malfunction


Lincoln looks like he had one Jagerbomb too many! LOL


It looks like the Beast isn’t to big for his britches!!!
As for as “Honest Abe” … everyone knows that happened “Four Score and Seven Years ago”. It does look at first like he has indigestion, then it took a turn for the worst.


So funny! EEK! We were in Pirates this last trip & one of the Captain Jack Sparrow animatronics was askew. His hat had fallen over his face & everytime he moved back & forth it swung to the other side. :pinch: We did ride it hours later & the hat was completely removed, I wonder how a CM fixed it without guests seeing.


lol funny, but I think if Id have been in the audience Id have freaked! (I have a thing with anamatronics and puppets lol)


I bet they stopped the ride :closedeye


Me too, I never want to believe that their not real people. I will never forget “meeting” Mr. Lincoln in DL and sitting in one of the first rows, kept looking to see if that guy up there really was “just” and animatronic :redface:


Lol, if I saw that as a kid, I’d be completely wigged out.


:laugh::laugh:That’s funny and creepy. I can just see the cm’s backstage punching buttons and switch’s like crazy wondering which botton the pushed by mistake. :laugh:


So funny!:laugh: