Maliboomer Slated to go


As of right now the Maliboomer is one of the rides of Paradise Pier that is slated to go. Another as well is the Orange Stinger along with Mullhulland and a few others.

Bulldozers pull into Paradise Pier in October to begin prep and work for the 1st true phase of the DCA remake…cant wait!!


Wow! Not torn up over the Orange Stinger or Maliboomer…but…I sort of like going on Mulhulland Madness every once in a while. But…oh well! I am glad that they are getting rid of those “mail order” rides!!!


No worries about Mullhulland, it is planned to be replaced with an awesome Crush Coaster Or Ratatouille style roller coaster like the one over in Paris, there will also be a lovely Victorian Beer Garden (or as of now) that will replace those cheesy McDonalds and Pizza Ow Mow Mow restaurants!


Sweet!!! It is so nice that they are finally spending money on the DLR!!! :happy:


OHHH Yes, thats for sure. 1.2 BILLION for DCA ALONE, this doesnt count the new Pixar Parade (Disney Pixar Pals Parade) coming to DCA and the new nighttime lagoon show (Disney’s World of Color) along with the entire renovation of the Disneyland Hotel, Expansion of DTD, Possible tear down of the PPH or just re-theme (Disney still has yet to decide) and the new DVC units to the GCH, the new attractions in DL park along with all the touch ups to the resort and fixing things that wernt done correctly when the expansion took place back in 99-01. If you have any questions just ask, I know pretty much everything they have planned for the resort…haha maybe I should just start a DCA/DLR Expansion question thread…haha Im so dumb. :tongue:


I think you should!!!
Um…do you know when they are planning to start on the Disneyland Hotel?:huh:


“See ya… wouldn’t wanna be ya!
Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!”

haha, :tongue: that’s my response to those attractions being canned.

Is the Zephyr safe? I like that one and it photographs beautifully at night! :smile: Speaking of which… did you ever get to go look at my DL Trip Report Anaheimboy? huh? huh? :tongue: I got a lot of great DCA pictures, etc.

This is my favorite picture I took of the Zephyr :heart:


Beautiful night pictures aside…I’d be ok with the Zephyr flying away too!:cool:



No way!

I liked the Maliboomer… :crying:


All the talk of construction and changes is so cool. I am really happy to see the DCA is take it up a notch!


Well if you and everyone else thinks it would be a good idea to start a thread of all the DCA/DLR changes coming up where I can answer questions and give info Id be more than happy :happy:…I just want to make sure its cool with everyone else first.

As for the Disneyland Hotel Refurb, a few things have changed already (Tower and sign name changes and a refurb to the waterfall gardens area) but the real refurb will start after this Holiday season, they want to be able to use all the towers for this Holiday season and start on the first tower supposivley in January and plan to have it done by the Holiday Season of 2008 and after that holiday season will then proceed to the next tower and so on and so forth untill all 3 towers are done and while this is going on they will also be making other improvements to the other hotels facilities.


As of current plans they are going to keep the Zephyr because it fits in with the Victorian Era they are going for as well as the architectural elements of the ride fit in too. They still would like to put it in the spot of the Orange Stinger and are going to try to make some changes to the rides structure so it can stay open longer (for those of you who dont know much about the Zephyr, the cars are connected to suspended cables and when its just a tad bit too windy they cant run the ride because of safety codes). So as of now the Zephyr is planned to stay.


Oh and Wish, yes I did read your last TR and I loved it! And thanks for mentioning me in there too about DCA! :wink: :biggrin:


Anaheimboy- I would love a new DCA thread with you inside info. Since I am a DVC member and live an California, I will be at DL at least once a year! I just can’t affored the airfare to WDW for a family of 6.


Aaah…thank you very much:happy:


I just returned from disneyland Aug 26 and I saw the construction I had no idea about the removal of rides good thing I managed to take them in before I left. Also What is the time table to open the new rides I am planning a new trip Aug 2009 what is the chance of new rides being ready in the summer of 2009. I am also planning to finally stay in the disneyland hotel is this going to be a bad time to stay there now?



well rid of the maliboomer won’t bother me to much because we have the almost exact same ride at the fair. Pretty much along with all the other rides they are getting rid of lol. They can get rid of most of them as long as they get better ones to put back


It’s a great idea!!! I say go for it. No need to even ask! :closedeye


Not too sad to see the Orange and Mali ride off into the sunset…but I quite like Mulholland. It’s a laugh without being particularly thrilling. The barometer should always be riders’ reactions…and I’ve only ever seen people smiling when they ride Mulholland so it must have something.