Took DW, DD2, and DS2 to go see this the other day. Fantastic movie! ! !

The first 5 minutes are a bit hookie, but after that it gets really good really fast. Not for real young kids, there are some pretty dark parts and some graphic violence, but it is required for the story line.

It is a whole other take on the story and quite frankly a much better take. Angelina Jolie IS Maleficent, right down to the slightest gesture and smile.

I did figure out the twist before the end, but not all the details.

I will not say more other then go see it. We saw the 2d version and there are a couple of scenes where it is obvious this was shot for 3d, but all in all it was awesome!



Max and I saw Maleficent in 3D yesterday and really enjoyed it. Max loved it and gave it 5/5 stars (he rates everything… music, movies, food, you name it). I was a little nervous because there was a really bad review published on DIS the day before we saw it, but I don’t really have much respect for the author after he got into very heated, immature arguments on Facebook.

I’ve never liked Angelina Jolie… but I LOVED her in this movie. She is perfect.

Great story line and addition to the original, wonderful cast, and amazing special effects.


Love hearing good reviews as the only one I heard on tv was a bad one. Didn’t know who the guy was but was annoying as he whined while saying it was bad. Wasn’t going to believe him anyways, but both of you just confirmed he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


I think everyone expects a live action remake of the original. This is not, it is a totally different take on the whole story, probably closer to a real fairy tale then Walt’s vision of the story. Like I said before there is a bit of cgi stuff at the very beginning that made me say, oh no, but once you are past that it gets really good.


We saw it Friday night at the drive in and LOVED IT! I believe Disney is building on the success of Once Upon a Time. People are ready and eager for new takes on the stories we love. I would see it again.


Drive in??? They still exist? Oh how I miss those days, and would drive a far distance to watch a movie at one once again. But, I believe South Carolina is a tad bit too far!


I don’t remember where you are, but there are a bunch of them in Illinois and one right across the border in Wisconsin. We went last year and had a hoot, until the battery died in my truck cause I had the radio on the whole time ! ! ! !


Really, there are some here in Illinois? All the ones around me closed up years ago. I’m in the Plainfield, so I don’t know of any in my neighborhood. If you know of any, I’m all ears. Would love to go there for a date night!!!


I saw it at 9am on opening day - LOVED IT! I love how they took a story and made a new story. It was fantastic and Agelina was perfection.


Ask and ye shall receive

We go to the Cascade ourselves and then to the one right outside of Kenosha, WI


We drive 35 minutes to the drive in Greenwood, SC. My kids LOVE it and think it is the only way to see a movie. Of course, the fact that their burgers and fried pickles are so yummy doesn’t hurt either.


We saw it yesterday and couldn’t have enjoyed it more,now is it going to be as big as frozen probably not but I can envision many repeat customers of this movies that should swell the numbers…very good effort Disney keep it up…you are on a roll