Mama Melrose or Hollywood and Vine?


We’re on the free DDP and DD’s want to do the Phantasmic Dinner.

The question is Mama Melrose’s or Hollywood and Vine? (We don’t want to use the two dining points for Brown Derby.)

What say you DC’ers?


We haven’t been to Mama Melrose’s in years but we went to H&V last summer and I was really impressed. It was so much better than I expected, I didn’t have high hopes since it’s a buffet but it was really pretty good. I know I was hungry but it really was good.


After doing the H&V package for a few trips, we’ve switched over to Mama’s.

H&V is good if you want to get a quick dinner and get out. It strikes me as a bit too “industrial cafeteria.” There’s lots of noise and commotion. It just reminds me of my junior high lunchroom.

Mama’s is good if you want a little more atmosphere and an opportunity to sit for a bit and relax. Personally, I think Mama’s food is excellent and I like it much better than what I’ve had at H&V. The service at Mama’s has been rather slow in my experience, but it’s worth it for the food quality.


:laugh: Maybe that’s why I liked it so well, I felt at home there!


I actually thought of you when I wrote that! I was thinking–maybe Steph was just more comfortable there because it reminded her of home! :tongue:


I would do Hollywood and vine. The food there is much better,IMO.


We always prefer H&V. There’s something for everyone: as little or as much as they want.


I like H&V because there is something that everyone will like and they have yummy desserts,too. Even picky eaters will find plenty to eat.


I agree. If you can’t find something to your liking at H&V you’re not hungry. We disliked Mamas. Bad food, worse service. Won’t be going back there.


Momma’s definately. I love that restaurant. Bring your appetite…they stuff you.


I’d go with Mama’s, simply because of the noise factor - by that time of the day, the last thing I want is more noise - and the noise level at Hollywood & Vine is deafening! Mama Melrose’s is much more relaxing and I really enjoyed the pizza there.


I vote for H&V… we just had Mama’s for the first time and I was just not impressed… though we did the package and I think they may offer a different menu…

Our dinner table with two little girls is always noisy… I like the food better at H&V…

Let us know what you pick and if you were happy with your pick!


I have never been to Hollywood & Vine but did not enjoy Mama Melrose when I ate there. So I would say H&V.


Mama Melrose’s; Hollywood and Vine is cafeteria fare.


Hollywood and Vine. Buffet. Nuff said.


Another vote for Hollywood and Vine. yummy!


I would definitely choose Mama Melrose. This past trip we tried H&V for the first time. We were not too impressed. We will definitely be returning to MM to take advantage of the Fantasmic Dinner Package.


All good advice, what a decision!


My vote is Hollywood and Vine… has something for everyone.


+We just did both and here is the scoop:

Mama’s is tons of fun and has HUGE portions. The kids really love the food there, as it is familiar and yummy. It is especially great if it is chilly outside. One bowl of pasta is plenty for two kids (mine like penne vodka) and the chicken flatbread is so good!
Hollywood and Vine is exceptional in terms of variety. Kids make their own sundaes for dessert… wait till you see the dessert area, in fact! And the array of salads, entrees and so forth is incredible. Delicious soups and side dishes. Go hungry so you can try it all.
If you like a hearty serving of something yummy, go to Mama’s. If you like a platter filled with a little of everything, go to H&V.