Mama Melrose's or Tony's


We have never eaten at either of these restaurants, but are thinking of trying one of them. Any suggestions? Anyone been to both and prefer one over the other?

Thanks so much.


i’ve only been to mama melrose’s and their gorgonzola steak left a lifetime impression. i crave it every day.


I’ve been to Mama Melrose’s twice and both times were satisfactory but not anything to rave about. One of DH’s requests for our next trip is no Mama Melrose’s.

Haven’t been to Tony’s but we’re giving it a try this time around I think.


I’ve eaten at both and enjoyed them both!! Tony’s had an extra little touch with the dessert-there was a Lady and the Tramp design on my plate made of powder chocolate!!:laugh:


I’ve eaten at both, and liked both of them. i have a slight preference for the food at mama Melrose, but I prefer the location of Tony’s and the Lady and the Tramp theme(paw prints in the sidewalk, statues in the restaurant).


We have eaten at Mama Melrose at least 10 times over the years and never had a bad meal. we have also eaten a tonys a couple of times and thought the food was good. Location is great especially if you get a tble facing Main Street. Don’t forget if you like a little wine with you dinner that the Magic Kingdom is a dry kingdom.


The only difference for me is that at Moma’s I can get an adult beverage with my meal. Other wise, they are both average in the food department. We have not done Tony’s in about 5-6 years.

Tony’s does have the edge in theme but expect more noise compared to Moma’s. Not the place for a quiet meal being in the MK.


only ate at Mama Melrose and it left a lasting impression - I will never go back. Food tasted like Ragu, took forever - 2 hours from beginning to end for 2 people. I have more to do at Disney than to sit and wait for okay food.


We have eaten at Tony’s a couple of times and I can tell you one word over and over: Melrose, Melrose, Melrose! It blows it away by far. Tony’s is a neat experience one time, especially if you can get on the sun porch and see the parade but that is it. Mama Melrose blows it away.


We have eaten at Mama Melrose quite a few times. Tony’s only once and we prefer Tony’s. Mama Melrose changes their menu quite often and for an Italian restaurant, a simple bowl of spaghetti and meatballs is rare. Their menu is not for anyone with a plain and simple taste. Tony’s seemed to please us more and we will probably put that on our favorite list from now on.


I LOVE Mommas! Try the Spicey Sausage dish!


My usual when we go. Great choice.


We have been to Tony’s many times over the years…but went to Mama’s last year for the first time. We loved it. I thought the food at Tony’s was becoming less and less inspiring with each visit. Mama’s was very good. Also, we booked the Fantasmic Dinner Package at MM (to assure us seats at Fantasmic…this does not cost extra). We were also on the dining plan and MM was still only 1 table service. We were surprised and delighted when we go to MM that they said if you book the Fantasmic Pkg you get an appetizer as well and the entree, dessert and beverage. Service was lovely, food was very good. We are new MM fans!


We ate at Tony’s years ago and had a table on the front porch. Nothing to write home about. We are giving Mama’s a try on this trip hoping it will be good. I’ve been wanting to try Mama’s for a while now.


We like both of them. They each have a different flare.


I’ve never eaten at Mama’s but my friend worked there while I was on my internship. I think Mama’s has better food, but I just LOVEEEE the location and the atmosphere of Tony’s :] We always have a great service experience there! :]


Tony’s is terrible! We have given it at least 5 shots and they struck out every time… Pecos Bill at the MK is far better, and it’s counter service (granted it’s not italiano, but it’s still way better)!

Never tried mama melrose mainly because I have only heard mixed reviews… But it couldn’t be worse than Tony’s (could it?)! THE best restaurant in HS is the Brown Derby. A little spendy but they’re very consistent w/service and quality of food…