Mama's Limited menu for Fantasmic


Does anyone know what this includes?


Are you sure it is limited? I am pretty sure when I ate there in September with the Fantasmic dining it was the whole menu.


I thought I heard years back that it was not the full menu that was offered for the Fantasmic Dinner Package. Does anyone know if thsi is true?


Fantasmic Dinner Package FAQ

According to allears, as of this month, you can order from Mama’s al a carte menu for the Fantasmic package.


What is the ala carte menu?


The regular, individual entrees, salads, other sides, desserts, etc.


When I ate there in Jul 07 it was the full menu then too . . . that was the OLD DDP one app, one entree, one dessert!


Are you sure it was the full menu? We ate there several years ago on the old DDP, and yes, we did get the app, entree, and dessert, but we were given a separate, more limited menu to choose from. We had no problem finding something we liked on the limited menu, but it’s nice to hear that you can now choose anything from the regular menu.


From the Allears site - under Fanstasmic Dinner Package

“As of June 2009, you may order from the Brown Derby or Mama Melrose a la carte menu”