Man found after riding Expedition


Just saw something on the news about a man that was found dead after riding Expedition Everest…

Anyone heard anything???


:ohmy: no, that doesn’t sound good. Where did they find him? Did he get off the ride during the ride?


i’m not sure…it was the preview to the news so I am waiting for them to show the segment.


I just googled it. The man was 44 years old and was unresponsive when the ride pulled back into the station, although he was conscious when they took the photo of the car when you go down the hill. The article also said they found no signs of trauma and that CPR was done. He died at the hospital


I just saw the news. It also says that they inspected the ride and that it seems to fine but it is closed now and will probably open a little later or tomm. What a horrible thing.


It’s really sad, especially to happen right around the holidays. My thoughts go out to his family.


How horrible and sad, for everyone on the ride, but mostly for the family who was to be enjoying their vacation.



Here is a news article.

Man Dies After Ride On Disney Coaster - Miami News Story - WPLG Miami


Wow that is so sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to that family.


So sad. My thoughts are with his family and friends.


Oh my, how sad! That poor family.


My gosh news travels fast! I was doing boat sets today in front of EE when it all happened. They shut down the ride for the rest of the day. Don’t know bout tomorrow yet.


How sad. That poor family goes on a long anticipated trip, and the lose their father. :sad:


While I was googling the other article, I came across this.

Attempted rape reported at Disney’s Pop Century resort –

this is horrible and scary too.


How sad, prayers to the family.


I can’t even imagine having that happen. He must have had some type of condition that he was unaware of.


I tend to agree. So sorry for the family.


That’s just awful, my prayers are with the family.


How tragic My thoughts and prayers go out to that family.


It saddens me to hear these stories and it is compounded when it happens at the holidays. Prayers go to the family and friends of this man.